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Taylor Swift's Ticketmaster Scheme Is a 'Scam'

Critics are calling it 'pay-to-play,' 'almost a Ponzi scheme'

(Newser) - Taylor Swift and Ticketmaster have teamed up to help ensure tickets to her upcoming tour go to her biggest fans, not scalpers. That's so nice, right? Wrong. The complicated process, which utilizes Ticketmaster's new Verified Fan service, asks fans to buy Swift merch or promote her music on... More »

Congress Cracks Down on Ticket-Buying Bots

New law will 'level the playing field' for ticket buyers

(Newser) - Congress has sent legislation to President Obama that could make it easier to get tickets to popular shows, sports events, and concerts. Legislation passed by voice vote in the House on Wednesday would crack down on computer software used by some ticket brokers to snap up tickets. The so-called "... More »

Ticketmaster Offers Millions of Free Tickets, Faces Backlash

Gig selection in class-action settlement leaves much to be desired

(Newser) - If you used Ticketmaster between 1999 and 2013, you could be eligible for up to 17 vouchers for free concerts—but there's a strong chance you'll have to settle for a band you don't like that's playing in a distant city. Fans were outraged Tuesday when... More »

Scalpers Are Selling Sandy Concert Tickets for ... $60K?

They're trying to, anyway, and Chuck Schumer is livid

(Newser) - With names like Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones , and Kanye West appearing in the upcoming "12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief," tickets cost anywhere from $150 to $2,500. Officially. Unofficially, however, online scalpers are asking as much as $60,000, raising an outcry against those looking... More »

Used Ticketmaster Since 1999? You're Due a Refund

Class action lawsuit gives everyone a tiny slice of money back

(Newser) - Everyone who has ever complained about Ticketmaster’s fees is about to get some satisfaction—albeit only $1.50 worth. A new proposed class-action settlement will force Ticketmaster to credit all its customers $1.50 for every ticket order made since 1999 (max: 17 orders), because the company profited off... More »

Ticketmaster: We Know, You Hate Our Fees

Company will be more up-front ... but not cheaper

(Newser) - Ticketmaster has finally acknowledged the seemingly obvious: that its service fees are annoying and cause some people to abandon the ticket-buying process entirely. In the company’s new blog , CEO Nathan Hubbard attributes the universal hatred of service fees to the fact that buyers “don’t understand what the... More »

Barred From TV, Conan Launches Live Tour

Former Tonight host will announce dates next week

(Newser) - Conan O'Brien will do a live show in Phoenix next month, part of the long-rumored tour that allows him to continue performing without violating his NBC exit deal. Tickets for the April 30 show go on sale Monday. Conan will announce further dates next week on his Twitter page . A... More »

Feds Bust $25M Ticket-Scalping Ring

'Wiseguys' accused of using hackers to corner market on concert tickets

(Newser) - Four men who formed a company called "Wiseguy Tickets" have been charged with running a massive ticket-scalping scheme. Federal prosecutors say the Californians employed a team of Bulgarian computer programmers to help them access the systems of vendors like Ticketmaster and corner the market on tickets for some of... More »

Feds Tear Into Ticketmaster Merger

Antitrust officials weigh concessions for Live Nation deal to pass

(Newser) - Concerned Justice Department are considering blocking a deal that would create a music industry behemoth—unless major concessions are made. Antitrust officials are worried about the effect the proposed Ticketmaster-Live Nation merger would have on consumer cost and may require the companies to make major concessions, insiders tell the Wall ... More »

Billboard Shifts Website to Lure Listeners, Buyers

Billboard.com ties MP3 and ticket sales to its famous charts

(Newser) - As circulation of its print magazine continues to fall, Billboard is looking to transition to the digital age with an overhauled website designed to be a one-stop shop for pop music, USA Today reports. Billboard.com now allows all visitors, not just subscribers, to look at its 51-year archive of... More »

Ticketmaster Goes Digital to Curb Scalpers

Miley Cyrus opts for paperless tix to control prices, resale

(Newser) - Better be sure before buying a Miley Cyrus concert ticket. Hers is the first major concert tour with paperless tickets—redeemable only at the door with the buyer's credit card—making it nearly impossible to pawn them off, the Wall Street Journal reports. Ticketmaster and concert promoters hope it will... More »

Ticketmaster Mogul Says He Can Save Music

Where critics see conflict of interest, Azoff spies opportunity

(Newser) - Irving Azoff may not be a household name, but he is, in fact, "the most powerful man in the music industry," writes Ethan Smith in a Wall Street Journal profile. The head of Ticketmaster—he made his name managing the Eagles in the '70s—is now trying to... More »

Live Nation, Ticketmaster Reveal Merger Details

Firm will be run by Live Nation's CEO

(Newser) - Live Nation and Ticketmaster made public their merger plans today, though the combined concert-promotions and ticketing powerhouse is sure to face scrutiny by antitrust regulators, the Wall Street Journal reports.The new company is to be named Live Nation Entertainment; it's estimated the two will save $40 million by combining... More »

Boss Rips Ticketmaster for 'Scalping' Tickets

Springsteen says ticket company's practice was a conflict of interest

(Newser) - The Boss called Ticketmaster into his office yesterday, and gave it a tongue-lashing it may not soon forget, Reuters reports. The ticket giant drew Bruce Springsteen's wrath for gouging fans Monday by redirecting them to its resaler, TicketNow, just minutes after seats for his "Working on a Dream" tour... More »

Boss Fans Cry Foul After Ticketmaster Snub

(Newser) - A New Jersey congressman is demanding an investigation after Bruce Springsteen fans were unable to buy tickets from Ticketmaster's website—which promptly offered them more expensive tickets from a subsidiary. When tickets for Springsteen's Meadowlands show went on sale Monday, some fans attempting to buy them got an error message... More »

Live Nation, Ticketmaster Close to Merger

(Newser) - The music industry continues to reshape itself: Ticketmaster and Live Nation may announce a merger next week, the Wall Street Journal reports. The new company, called Live Nation Ticketmaster, would have ties to hundreds of top artists and expertise on everything from promoting shows—Live Nation is the world's largest... More »

NFL Gets Into Ticket-Scalping Business

Deal with TicketMaster may help get handle on secondary market

(Newser) - The NFL has partnered with TicketMaster on a site allowing fans to buy and sell tickets themselves, USA Today reports. Sellers must adhere to relevant state laws, but ticket-holders may set their own value, with no limits on pricing over face value. The NFL estimates that of 22 million tickets... More »

IAC, Liberty Make Peace Over Spin-Offs

Media bosses Malone and Diller finally bury the hatchet

(Newser) - The months-long feud between media barons John Malone and Barry Diller over IAC spin-offs has ended amicably, the Wall Street Journal reports. Malone's Liberty Media, the majority shareholder in IAC, will drop its opposition to Diller's plans to divide IAC/Interactive Corp into five separate entities. Liberty will have the right... More »

Diller's Trials Far From Over After IAC Verdict

Efforts to break up the company face major stumbling blocks

(Newser) - Barry Diller might have won control over e-commerce company IAC/InterActiveCorp from rival John Malone in court Friday, but the CEO’s real trials have just begun. With the economy tanking and credit markets tightening, Diller’s plan to break up IAC into five “baby Barrys”—including Ticketmaster and... More »

Diller On Top in Liberty/IAC Ruling

Judge rules IAC chief can proceed with spin-off plans against Malone's wishes

(Newser) - Barry Diller took round one today in his feud with fellow billionaire John Malone: A Delaware judge ruled that Malone can’t force Diller out of Interactive Corp. for trying to break up the company, Bloomberg reports. The ruling prevents Malone's Liberty Media from seizing control; Liberty has a minority... More »

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