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Gay Parents Most Common in ...the South?

Communities, churches grow more welcoming

(Newser) - The South may not have a reputation as a welcoming bastion of homosexuality, but according to recent census data, it’s home to America’s largest concentration of gay parents, a demographer tells the New York Times . Of course, that might actually be in part because of the region’s... More »

Not So Fly: Worst US Airlines

Everyone has their travel hell story, but which airlines are the true villains?

(Newser) - Lost luggage, canceled flights and appalling delays seem to be par for the course in air travel these days.  But some airlines are worse than others.  Forbes provides the hit list:
  1. Atlantic Southeast Airlines
  2. Comair (a division of Delta Air Lines)
  3. American Eagle Airlines (a division of American
... More »

2 Stories