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Amid Star Wars Craze, Jedi Church Awakens

Time to go to church, it is

(Newser) - In the fervor leading up to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens , some fans are finding new religion in droves. The Church of Jediism , which the Telegraph reports began "as a joke, ahead of the 2001 census, in which respondents were asked to declare their religion for... More »

Spock Himself Chimes In on Obama's Jedi Gaffe

President mixes up his 'Star Trek,' 'Star Wars' references

(Newser) - As the Twitter-verse made abundantly clear today, President Obama mixed up his Star Trek/Star Wars references in the heat of the sequester moment. If you missed, Obama complained that he couldn't "do a Jedi mind meld with these folks and convince them to do what's right,"... More »

Geeks Flock to Class on ... Light Sabers

San Francisco aficionado teaches eager young padawans

(Newser) - A group of San Francisco Star Wars fans who want to travel to a galaxy not that far away have created a combat choreography class for Jedis-in-training with their weapon of choice: the light saber. The "Golden Gate Knights" club is run by self-proclaimed Jedi Master Alain Block, who... More »

Metalheads Declare Religious Status

Campaign for metal fans' souls launched

(Newser) - British heavy metal fans are being urged to put their faith in their music by listing their religion as "heavy metal" in the next census. A similar campaign in the last once-a-decade census led to 390,000 people listing their faith as "Jedi"—outnumbering believers in Judaism,... More »

UK University Helps Students Learn Ways of the Jedi

Prof explores 'wider issues behind the Star Wars universe;' light saber not included

(Newser) - The force will now be with university students: Queen’s University in Belfast is offering a new course on Jedi knights that it hopes will impart universal lessons to students, be they fans of Star Wars or not, the Telegraph reports. The one-day class, entitled “Feel the Force: How... More »

Citizens Make Own Galaxy Far, Far Away

New York Jedi teaches lightsaber; ‘skill and confidence’ emerge

(Newser) - One unemployed theater techie is giving Industrial Light & Magic a run for its money, bringing lightsaber skills to a Manhattan dance studio and “high personal ethics” to everyday geeks. New York Jedi braintrust Master Flynn teaches swordplay, along with meditation and yoga techniques, to men bearing replicas of... More »

6 Stories