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'Guidelines,' No Specifics, at G20

Obama slams China over currency manipulation

(Newser) - G20 leaders have agreed to curb “persistently large imbalances” in saving and spending and set “indicative guidelines” against trade imbalances, but more specific decisions on how to identify and fix said imbalances were left until next year, reports the New York Times . The finance minsters are to agree... More »

China: Ditch the Dollar as World Standard

Central bank says IMF asset could be solution

(Newser) - Highlighting international anger over the sorry state of the US economy, China has called for the dollar to be dumped as the global currency standard, the Wall Street Journal reports. China’s central bank said an International Monetary Fund asset could take over the dollar’s global role, Reuters reports.... More »

Loving Low Dollar, Europeans Come to Shop

Tourism is up 21% in April alone

(Newser) - The weak dollar is forcing Americans to shelve travel plans, but Europeans are flying over to score on stellar exchange rates. With the British pound worth $1.99 and the euro $1.58, tourists are coming to the US to shop: More than 15 million visited in the first 4... More »

Cyprus, Malta Adopt Euro

Fireworks herald Mediterranean islands' currency change

(Newser) - The new year brought a new currency to Malta and Cyprus, which today became the 14th and 15th countries to adopt the euro. The changeover went smoothly, the EC said in a statement. "Both Cyprus and Malta are small, open and thriving economies for whom having a stable and... More »

Go Where the $ Is Still Good

Planning to travel? Head to a country where flashing a few dead presidents still means something

(Newser) - It hurts when even a dollar-friendly country like Canada is giving your green the cold shoulder. Get your money's worth in these countries from foXnoMad:
  1. Morocco
  2. Thailand
  3. Mexico
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5 Stories