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Cataract Surgery May Have Big Bonus Besides Better Sight

Study finds having cataracts removed can lead to longer life

(Newser) - Cataract removal is the most common surgery in the US—and now a massive new study finds the operation could be prolonging the lives of the more than 3 million Americans who get it every year, the New York Times reports. Cataracts are "clouding and discoloration of the lens... More »

Woman's Eye Discomfort Has Shocking Cause

Try 27 contact lenses, all stuck in one eye

(Newser) - A new report from a group of UK medical professionals offers a good reminder to make sure you've taken out your old contact lenses before putting in new ones: A woman who thought she just had cataracts actually had 27 lenses in one of her eyes, NPR reports. Doctors... More »

Charity's Free Eye Surgery Leaves 24 Blind

Indian police open investigation after cataract operations

(Newser) - Authorities ordered an investigation today after at least 24 poor and elderly people went blind following cataract surgeries performed at a free medical camp run by a charity in northern India. The operations were performed in early November on 130 patients who were all older than 50 and living in... More »

In a First, Falcon Has Cataract Surgery

4-year-old Banner gets new lenses, will be able to hunt again

(Newser) - It's a birding milestone: A falcon in New Hampshire has undergone eye surgery to remove cataracts and has received new synthetic lenses. Banner, a 4-year-old falcon, lost its sight and hasn't been able to fly or hunt for the past two years. This week, a team at Capital... More »

Court Disagrees With Nevada's 'One Good Eye' Prison Policy

Convicted killer John Colwell's lawsuit will move forward

(Newser) - Sure, having two eyes is nice, but "one eye is good enough for prison inmates." That was the policy apparently in play when the state of Nevada denied a partially blind prisoner cataract surgery—but such a policy is also "the very definition of deliberate indifference,"... More »

Brown's Failing Eyesight Raises Concerns

PM's damaged vision may be getting worse, friends worry

(Newser) - If Gordon Brown promises not to turn a blind eye to the financial crisis, he could mean that literally—the British prime minister lost the sight in one of his eyes in a rugby accident as a teenager. But now advisers are worried that Brown could lose the already-diminishing sight... More »

Cataract Risk Linked to Climate Change

Rising UV levels will hit developing countries hardest

(Newser) - As climate change drives ozone depletion and increases the level of ultraviolet rays reaching Earth's surface, humans' eyesight will be suffering more and more, AFP reports. UV rays are one of the leading causes of cataracts, which in turn cause 50% of avoidable blindness worldwide. The trend is likely to... More »

Che Killer Gets Free Gift From Cuba

Medical care extended to Bolivian who gunned down the hero

(Newser) - One week before the 40th anniversary of Che Guevera’s death, Cuban Communists are trumpeting the news that their own doctors recently saved the eyesight of the Bolivian who pulled the trigger. A Cuban program offering free surgery in Latin America removed cataracts from the eyes of Mario Teran, the... More »

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