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Mario Batali Accused of Drugging, Assaulting Woman

She said she blacked out after dining with celebrity chief

(Newser) - Justice may be served to a celebrity chef accused of sexual misconduct: Mario Batali, who stepped away from his restaurant empire last year amid allegations of misconduct, is now under criminal investigation by the NYPD, Eater reports. The department confirmed the investigation to CBS ' 60 Minutes, which aired a... More »

New Misconduct Allegations: 'It's Batali. And It's Bad'

Four women come forward to describe groping to Eater

(Newser) - The latest lengthy dive into allegations of sexual misconduct comes via Eater —and, as the publication suggests, involves a chef. Mario Batali has been named by four unnamed women as having touched them inappropriately "in a pattern of behavior that appears to span at least two decades"; Eater... More »

Obama 'Saved Best for Last' at Final State Dinner

He welcomes Italian PM, 400 guests

(Newser) - "Bittersweet" was the word of the night at President Obama's 13th and final state dinner. "We saved the best for last," he said Tuesday as he welcomed Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his wife, Agnese Landini, to the White House. He wasn't joking. The... More »

10 More Scandals Involving Star Chefs

Paula Deen is far from the first

(Newser) - We all know about Paula Deen's n-word scandal, but Radar offers up 10 more controversies involving celebrity chefs:
  • Bobby Flay came out to help January Jones after her 2010 car accident, leading to rumors of an affair between the married chef and the Mad Men star. Some think he
... More »

Jon Stewart Wastes PAC Dough on Mario Batali

Super PAC also funds an ad urging South Carolina to vote for ... Herman Cain

(Newser) - Maybe giving Jon Stewart control of his super PAC wasn't Stephen Colbert's brightest move. On the Daily Show last night, Stewart confessed that he wasn't sure what to do with his newfound anonymously donated cash. "I'm just out here like a cartoon hobo that won... More »

Mario Batali Pisses Off Wall Street

Perhaps not the best idea, considering bankers give him a lot of business

(Newser) - Wall Street bankers may be a little reluctant to shell out $145 for Mario Batali’s seven-course "tradizionale" dinners after they hear he compared them to, say, the architect of the Holocaust. “The way the bankers have kind of toppled the way money is distributed and taken most... More »

Restaurant Workers Sue Mario Batali Over Pay

Lawsuit claims management withheld tips

(Newser) - Celebrity chef Mario Batali faces a lawsuit from 27 employees of his renowned Del Posto restaurant in New York City, the Wall Street Journal reports. The staff claims that tip money and extra income from banquets were never paid. Specifically, the suit claims that Del Posto improperly pooled workers' tips... More »

Michelle Obama Debuts on Iron Chef

Not surprisingly, White House exec chef wins the day

(Newser) - Michelle Obama made her much-hyped guest appearance on Iron Chef America last night, in a “Super Chef Battle” featuring the White House executive chef. Cristeta Comerford teamed up with celebrity chef Bobby Flay against the two-celeb team of Emeril Lagasse and Mario Batali, while Obama’s role was to... More »

Michelle Pushes Healthy Meals —on Iron Chef

First lady will guest on Food Network competition's season opener

(Newser) - Michelle Obama’s campaign to wean kids off junk food is taking a slightly unorthodox turn: The first lady will guest on Iron Chef America’s Jan. 3 episode. In addition to discussing her crusade for healthy school lunches and more, Obama will reveal the secret ingredient for the show's... More »

Cured for What Ails You

Chefs, diners can't get enough of salty beef and pork salumi

(Newser) - Move over, fancy cheese, there's a new kid in town. Cured meat—salumi is the catchall term—is the latest foodie obsession, JJ Goode writes in Details. Salumi ranges from the familiar—think salami and prosciutto—to the more obscure like bresaola, cured beef made by artisans who "rub... More »

Highest Paid Celebrity Chefs

Who's cashing in the biggest on culinary skills

(Newser) - Rachael Ray may not be a classically trained chef, but her cooking prowess has made her a wealthy woman nonetheless, reports Forbes. Thanks to four Food Network programs, a talk show, and a self-titled magazine, she's the highest-paid celebrity chef, pulling in $18 million a year. Here are 9 others... More »

Paltrow, Pals Start Foodie Tour of Spain

Star-powered road trip will air on PBS next fall

(Newser) - While one usually associates road-trip cuisine with a 7-Eleven, two foodies and two actresses today embark on a four-month culinary tour of Spain. Gwyneth Paltrow, chef Mario Batali, New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman, and Spanish actress Claudia Bassols will sample traditional cuisine for a 13-part PBS series called... More »

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