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GOP Mega-Donor Picks Rubio

(Newser) - An ominous sign for the Jeb Bush campaign: Paul Singer, one of the Republican Party's key donors, has decided to support Marco Rubio instead. Singer—who was the GOP's biggest donor last year and raised $3 million for Mitt Romney in 2012—praised Rubio in a message to... More »

GOP Mega-Donor Trying to Make Party More Gay-Friendly

Paul Singer is pushing for a workplace anti-discrimination bill

(Newser) - Chris Christie has stopped fighting gay marriage , but most other Republican politicians aren't so willing. So how can the party appear a little less ... hateful? GOP "mega-donor" Paul Singer thinks he has the answer. He's spearheading a push for the party to back less divisive gay rights—... More »

Big GOP Donor Creates Super PAC for Gay Rights

Billionaire Paul Singer wants to sway Republican candidates

(Newser) - Frank Bruni breaks some news in his latest New York Times column: One of the GOP's most influential donors tells Bruni that he is creating a Super PAC for the express purpose of getting Republican candidates to support gay marriage. Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer is starting the... More »

Rudy Laundered Money, Say Dem Watchdogs

Campaign ally funded attempt to change law in candidate's favor

(Newser) - A Democratic watchdog group has accused Rudy Giuliani of money laundering and breaking campaign-finance laws in an attempt to change California's system of awarding electoral votes. The sole donor to a group called Take Initiative America was top Giuliani adviser Paul Singer, according to a Federal Election Commission complaint filed... More »

4 Stories