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Watchdog: SEC Sued Goldman to Bury Ponzi Probe

SEC official quashed Stanford probe then sought to represent him

(Newser) - The SEC in April faced the release of a report slamming it for bungling an alleged Ponzi scheme. So what's a watchdog to do? Sue Goldman Sachs the same day, the agency's own internal watchdog told a Senate committee yesterday. Inspector-general H. David Kotz said it "would strain credulity... More »

SEC Loses Bid to Help Wall St. Drop Regulation

Judge nixes attempt to loosen rule designed to protect investors

(Newser) - The SEC has lost its bid to scrap a rule established to protect investors after the implosion. The rule, designed to prevent Wall Street abuses, barred research analysts and investment-banking departments at the same firm from communicating without a lawyer or compliance officer present. The regulator's decision to... More »

SEC Moves to Ban Lightning-Fast Trading

Flash orders let big investors buy and sell in milliseconds, harming slower traders

(Newser) - The SEC is seeking a ban on the financial technique known as flash orders, a controversial method in which powerful computers survey other investors' trades and adjust strategies within milliseconds to turn a profit. SEC head Mary Schapiro said that flash orders "may create a two-tiered market" since only... More »

Madoff on Fooling SEC: 'Just Be Casual'

Ponzi schemer taped giving associates tips to dodge regulators

(Newser) - The most important thing to remember if you want to fool the SEC is to act casual, Bernie Madoff told executives at Fairfield Greenwich Group. “You don't want them to think you're concerned about anything,” the Ponzi scheme mastermind said in a phone call taped in 2005, CNN ... More »

New SEC Chief Moves Fast to Restore Agency

Schapiro fills openings, reverses Bush policies at battered regulator

(Newser) - New chairwoman Mary Schapiro isn’t wasting time making over the Securities and Exchange Commission, the New York Times reports, reversing several of her predecessor’s policies and filling key positions that have sat vacant for months. “I recognize that we could all be defined by what we missed... More »

Battle Over Regulation Looms in '09

Some worry Obama won't do enough to rein in derivatives market

(Newser) - After the economic meltdown of 2008, the coming year will see a battle over one of the most politically contentious issues in finance: the regulation of derivatives markets. Some who opposed government oversight before now acknowledge the need for tighter controls. But they face an uphill battle, reports Newsweek, against... More »

SEC Chair Cox Fiddled as US Markets Burned

'Exceedingly cautious' approach had Paulson looking to kill agency

(Newser) - With US markets in upheaval, the head of the watchdog Securities and Exchange Commission was preoccupied with a new technology for corporate filing, Bloomberg reports. Christopher Cox’s inaction has provoked bipartisan criticism: McCain adviser Carly Fiorina said he has been “asleep at the switch,” while Democratic Sen.... More »

Remaining Democrat Leaves SEC

Commission now a one-party shop after 2nd departure in month

(Newser) - The Securities and Exchange Commission is down to three lone Republicans after the second Democrat in a month resigned yesterday, MarketWatch writes. Annette Nazareth's departure comes just two weeks after Roel Campos left the 5-seat board. And the single-party rule makes some observers—who fear that the commission will become... More »

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