Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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South Park Creators Need Protection—and Solidarity

Hollywood should step up with campaign against extremists

(Newser) - Dismissing those who threatened South Park's creators as mere cranks or fringe extremists is a potentially deadly mistake, warns a Dutch politician who received death threats herself after criticizing Islam. The warning from a radical website may not have broken the law, but it still amounts to an "informal... More »

Protect Her Like You Promised

Dutch must keep free-speech advocate alive, Rushdie and Harris argue in the LAT

(Newser) - Former Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi deserves “the freedoms of speech and conscience we take for granted," argue Salman Rushdie and Sam Harris—who urge the Dutch to keep protecting her from Islamic killers. The Dutch promised protection in 2002, and should “recognize a scandal in the making”... More »

Muslim Critic Back in Holland, Goes Into Hiding

Ex-MP Hirsi Ali seeks protection after bodyguards stand down

(Newser) - Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the former Dutch parliamentarian who has lived in exile since 2006, has returned home after Holland's government stopped paying for her security. The Times of London writes that Hirsi Ali, a Somali refugee known for criticizing Islam, has been under round-the-clock protection since the 2004 murder of... More »

3 Stories