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Conservatives, You Need to Watch Girls

Only by participating in the culture can you change it: Kurt Schlichter

(Newser) - It seems there's nothing about Girls a conservative would enjoy: creator Lena Dunham is a card-carrying member of the Obama faction, and the HBO show features no references to religion or traditional morality (nor any Republican characters). But if conservatives are going to complain about the state of our... More »

We Conservatives Lost the Culture War

Matt Lewis urges a focus on rebuilding family

(Newser) - Conservatives trying to come to terms with Mitt Romney's defeat posited all kinds of rationalizations. But Matt Lewis thinks he's figured out the real reason. "The culture war is over, and conservatives lost," he writes in the Week . "Too many Americans simply no longer agree... More »

Why Working Class Americans Vote Republican

Gary Younge investigates a conundrum that vexes liberals

(Newser) - Nothing frustrates liberals more than poor Republicans. They are, after all, generally voting against their economic self-interests—government dependency is consistently higher in right-leaning counties. "To many liberals, these are turkeys voting for Christmas or lemmings off for a leap," writes Guardian columnist Gary Younge, who set out... More »

Conservatives Outraged by Ireland's 1st Abortion Clinic

Marie Stopes International braces for public battle

(Newser) - With Ireland's first-ever abortion clinic set to open next week, social conservatives are outraged and clinic officials are hoping for a little public support, the AP and Salon report. Initiated by an NGO called Marie Stopes International, the Belfast clinic will offer non-surgical procedures for women pregnant for less... More »

Poverty Groups With Gay Ties Lose Catholic Funding

The Catholic Campaign cracks down on groups that don't toe church line

(Newser) - For years, Compañeros, a small nonprofit that helps Hispanic immigrants in Colorado, has relied on thousands in funding from the Catholic Church's Campaign for Human Development. But now the Campaign is considering yanking that money, after noticing that Compañeros is a member of an immigrant rights coalition... More »

Pawlenty Won't Sign Iowa Marriage Vow

He joins Romney in rebuffing pledge backed by Bachmann

(Newser) - Tim Pawlenty released a statement today saying he wouldn’t be signing the “Marriage Vow” that got Michele Bachmann in so much trouble , the AP reports. Pawlenty said he supports “the core principles of the Family Leader’s Marriage Vow Pledge,” but that “rather than sign... More »

Diplomat Accused of Preaching Too Much Resigns

State dept. said Douglas Kmiec spent too much time touting Catholic beliefs

(Newser) - The Obama administration’s ambassador to Malta has resigned following a State Department report that blasted him for spending too much time speaking and writing about his Catholic beliefs—to the detriment of his actual work, Politico reports. In a resignation letter sent to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the... More »

Christian Conservatives: Let's Stop Using Word 'Gay'

Group suggests 'sodomy' or 'same-sex intercourse' as alternatives

(Newser) - A group of social conservatives thinks it has a way to turn the gay rights debate around: Stop using the word “gay.” At the Awakening conference at Liberty University in Virginia last weekend, Ryan Sorba, chairman of the Young Conservatives of California, said that merely using that word... More »

Romney, Others Running From Iowa

As state leans right, it seems less important

(Newser) - The Iowa caucus might have gotten too conservative for its own good: The 2012 presidential contenders are spending less time in the state than usual, and others are avoiding it altogether, the AP reports. Mitt Romney in particular is MIA, which makes sense, given that he spent $10 million and... More »

What to Watch for at CPAC

Conservatives ready to rumble, test presidential waters

(Newser) - The Conservative Political Action Conference kicks off today, and it promises to be an interesting one, given the crossroads the movement finds itself at. Politico breaks down what to watch thusly:
  • The 2012 Presidential Race: Candidates will be test-driving their messages in what’s seen as the first big event
... More »

Rick Santorum Could Be GOP's Savior

George Will: Nobody can energize social conservatives better

(Newser) - Rick Santorum will probably run for president in 2012, and George Will sounds pretty happy about it. With his focus on social issues—he's "passionately right-to-life and dedicated to trying to reform today's abortion culture"—Santorum might be the perfect candidate to energize social conservatives (who are "... More »

Major Christian Group Took $50K From Terror Backer

Nat'l Prayer Breakfast sponsor implicated

(Newser) - The foundation that sponsors the National Prayer Breakfast received thousands of dollars from the Islamic American Relief Agency, a Missouri-based organization with terrorist ties, the Washington Post reports. The Senate Finance Committee considers the agency a terrorist financier, and a few months after the federal government shut it down in... More »

Look Out, Gay Soldiers Will Rape You in Your Sleep!

... claim foes of Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal

(Newser) - If Congress really repeals Don't Ask, Don't Tell, newly empowered gay soldiers will run amok, giving their straight colleagues non-consensual blow jobs when they're asleep or drunk, according to the Family Research Council. No really! They have a study to prove it! On a conference call to reporters, which Talking... More »

Conservative Chief Tells Group Not to Give to RNC

Bondage club incident further shows 'tone-deaf' brass

(Newser) - The influential head of a key conservative group is urging that group’s members to avoid donating to the Republican National Committee in the wake of its most recent scandal. “This latest incident is another indication to me the RNC is completely tone-deaf to the values and concerns of... More »

Religious Right Worried About Tea Party Movement

They fear anti-tax crowd is too secular

(Newser) - Religious conservatives are glancing nervously at the tea party movement, afraid the cool new kids at the GOP lunch table don’t care about their issues. It seems the movement “has a politics that’s irreligious,” evangelical leader Richard Cizik tells Politico . “I can’t see how... More »

Meet the New Sarah Palin

(Newser) - With Sarah Palin gone, Democrats have penciled a new name atop their hitlist: Michelle Bachmann, the far-right Minnesota rep. who once called Barack Obama “anti-American.” Like Palin, Bachmann’s a fierce social conservative with a large family and an upper Midwestern accent. And, of course, she drives Democrats... More »

She Should Never Have Run for VP

(Newser) - Sarah Palin might have had a shot at the presidency, writes Ross Douthat, but she blew it—10 months ago, when she accepted John McCain's offer to join the ticket. Instead of easing her way into the national spotlight, she was catapulted before she was ready, exposing her inexperience and... More »

Huckabee's Plan to Revive GOP Doesn't Add Up

Nate Silver shows why party shouldn't play to social conservatives

(Newser) - Perhaps it's Mike Huckabee's admitted distrust for math, but he's dead wrong about the best strategy to bring back the Republican Party's power, writes Nate Silver on his blog. To make the case that the party shouldn't move to the middle, Huckabee says, "People that are social conservatives are... More »

GOP Base Sees Moderate Plot in Reform Group

Righties compalin that Cantor rebranding effort excludes them

(Newser) - With Eric Cantor's high-profile new group aimed at diagnosing what ails the GOP, members of the party base are worried that the answer might be them. Social conservatives from Steve King to Mike Huckabee are accusing the group of excluding them from the National Council for a New America, Politico... More »

Little Backlash as Gay Marriage Spreads

(Newser) - Gay marriage rights are spreading faster than ever, and it’s happening awfully quietly, reports Rick Klein of ABC News. Conservatives barely made a peep when gay marriage was legalized in Iowa or Vermont, and aren’t mounting much resistance to motions to do the same in New York, Connecticut,... More »

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