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Russia Sends Spy Ship to Cuba

It's docked in Havana, without explanation

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin continues to be a busy boy in the wake of the Olympics. AFP reports that a Russian spy ship docked in Havana yesterday without explanation. The Viktor Leonov carries 200 sailors and is presumably chocked not only with high-tech weaponry but electronic eavesdropping equipment as well, notes the... More »

Israeli Attack on US Ship in ’67 Still Fuels Rage

New evidence backs claim that Jerusalem knew it hit Americans

(Newser) - Recently declassified documents and testimony from military personnel further support claims the 1967 Israeli attack on a US spy ship was intentional. The assault on the USS Liberty, which killed 26 Americans, was deemed accidental by Jerusalem and wasn’t fully investigated by the Navy. But officials say they intercepted... More »

2 Stories