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Phone Sex Worker Sues Firm for 'Draconian' Pay Setup

Tele Pay USA is accused of paying its workers less than minimum-wage mandate

(Newser) - Want to be your own boss? Make your own hours? Not get properly paid according to the Fair Labor Standards Act? While the first two perks of working as a "phone actor" for Tele Pay USA's "adult and psychic hotlines" are listed on the company's website... More »

13-Year-Old Sues Cop Over Off-Duty Gunshot

Teens, LAPD's Kevin Ferguson got in after-school melee

(Newser) - A 13-year-old is suing a Los Angeles police officer who fired a gun during an off-duty altercation with teens in Anaheim last month. In his lawsuit, Christian Dorscht says officer Kevin Ferguson "became irate" when teens walked across his property on their way home from school on Feb. 21,... More »

Dental Clinic May Have Exposed Kids to Deadly Bacteria

7 hospitalized after pulpotomies at Children's Dental Group

(Newser) - At least seven children have contracted a dangerous bacterial infection after a procedure at an Anaheim dental clinic—and 500 others could potentially have it, health officials say. Seven children have been hospitalized with oral cellulitis, an infection that can spread to gum and bone, after a routine pulpotomy or... More »

Cops: KKK Members Arrested in Brawl Acted in Self-Defense

5 KKK members released after being attacked by California counter-protesters

(Newser) - A California Ku Klux Klan rally on Saturday ended with three anti-KKK protesters stabbed and five KKK members arrested. But Anaheim cops now say those five have been released after evidence shows they acted in self-defense, the Los Angeles Times reports. "The totality of the evidence, including videos, still... More »

Three Stabbed at Violent KKK Rally

Cops arrest 13 at California event

(Newser) - Authorities say 13 people are in custody following a violent altercation that left three people stabbed at a Ku Klux Klan gathering in Southern California, the AP reports. A spokesman with the Anaheim Police Department says six of those arrested are Klan supporters and seven counter-protesters. All three people who... More »

Explosion Scare Empties Disney's Toontown

Nobody hurt in dry-ice blast

(Newser) - Visitors were hustled out of Mickey's Toontown at Disneyland yesterday evening after a loud explosion that turned out to be a dry-ice blast in a trash can. An police spokesman says the device, made from a water bottle, resembles other that have gone off around Anaheim in the last... More »

More Protests Rock Anaheim After Police Shootings

Five arrested, one injured in yesterday's melee

(Newser) - Protesters once again faced off with Anaheim police yesterday after an officer shot and killed an unarmed man Saturday . More than 600 demonstrators thronged outside City Hall while a meeting was being held inside, and things got violent: Patio chairs were thrown through a Starbucks window, the windows of at... More »

Police Shooting Triggers Violent Face-Off in Anaheim

2 cops on leave as mayor vows investigation

(Newser) - The fatal shooting of an unarmed man by police in Anaheim, Calif., has two police officers on paid leave and a community in an uproar, reports the Los Angeles Times . Two cops approached three men in an alley Saturday. Two of those men drove off, but the third, Manuel Diaz,... More »

Disney Monorail Gets a Facelift

First of many '08 cosmetic upgrades set for February

(Newser) - Disney's once-futuristic elevated train has gotten its first facelift in 20 years, with the arrival at Disneyland Thursday of the first new cars in a series of planned upgrades to the monorail. The cars, to be unveiled in February, feature blue glass windows and red stripes that change color in... More »

Disney Park Launches $1B Redo

Mouse to make California Adventure more like Disneyland

(Newser) - Disney is launching a $1.1 billion overhaul of its California Adventure theme park in a bid to boost smaller-than-predicted earnings and make the park more like big brother Disneyland. The Anaheim park, opened in 2001, drew 6 million visitors last year—a million less than predicted and far fewer... More »

Red Sox Ace Mows Down Angels

Beckett shutout, Ortiz HR make for winning Fenway formula

(Newser) - Game one was a night for the hometown stars in Boston, as Josh Beckett recorded the third playoff shutout of his career and David Ortiz crushed a two-run blast to lead the Red Sox to a 4-0 win over the Angels. LA of Anaheim starter John Lackey struggled again in... More »

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