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Poll: Trump's Approval Rating Slumps to 36%

58% of Americans disapprove of the job he's doing

(Newser) - A majority of Americans don't believe America is being made great again after nearly six months of President Trump in the Oval Office, according to a Washington Post/ABC News poll that finds the president's approval rating slumping to 36%—down from 42% in April. Some 58% of Americans... More »

Trump Near 100 Days: Deeply Unpopular, With Staunch Base

President's numbers break a few record lows, but his voters are sticking with him

(Newser) - President Trump is proving as polarizing and vexing as candidate Trump once did: A new Washington Post/ABC News poll finds that while Trump remains a deeply unpopular president, the people who voted for him are sticking by him. The current inhabitant of the Oval Office has a 42% approval rating... More »

After Trump's Tough Month, Clinton Opens Up a Big Lead

The Democrat is now up by double digits

(Newser) - After a month plagued with what the Washington Post is calling "self-inflicted controversies," Donald Trump has taken a beating in that paper's latest poll, "foreshadowing that the November election could be a referendum on Trump more than anything else." Hillary Clinton—who in May's... More »

As Clock Winds Down, Race Is a Nail-Biter

Obama shows slight leads in many polls, others deadlocked

(Newser) - With the hourglass blessedly running out on Election 2012, Team Obama is scrambling to get out the vote, while Team Romney is making a late move for Pennsylvania, as the AP reports that both campaigns are projecting confidence going into Tuesday's vote. A look around the landscape and the... More »

GOP Women Help Mitt Close Ratings Gap

Obama remains far ahead on enthusiasm, but independents split

(Newser) - Now that Mitt Romney has finally clinched the Republican nomination, the party appears to be rallying around him, boosting his favorable numbers, according to a new Washington Post / ABC poll. Romney's favorable rating still trails President Obama's, but the 52%-41% gap is much closer than last month'... More »

Obama Slam Dunk Over Romney, Except...

...when it comes to the federal budget and economy

(Newser) - President Obama holds significant leads over GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney in all categories—except for the federal budget, and his handling of the economy, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll . According to the poll, 51% of registered voters would pick Obama over 44% for Romney. The president also... More »

67% Oppose Health Law's Individual Mandate

Majority of Americans want it tossed out by Supreme Court

(Newser) - As the Supreme Court prepares to open hearings on the constitutionality of the federal health care law next week, a new poll finds that Americans oppose the law 52% to 41%. And an even higher percentage—67%—want the court to either throw out the entire Affordable Care Act, or... More »

Gas Price Hikes Sink Obama in Poll

Latest poll shows Republicans are closing the gap

(Newser) - Just when it looked like the improving economy would lift President Obama's popularity ratings, along come soaring gas prices to drag them down. A record 50% of people now "strongly disapprove" of Obama's handling of the economy, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. Gas prices... More »

Obama Nails Clear Lead in Romney Matchup Poll

Obama tops Romney 51%-45%, as economy lifts Prez's approval rating

(Newser) - Even as Mitt Romney moves firmly into the lead in the GOP presidential nomination race, the improving economy is lifting President Obama ahead of Romney, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll . Head to head, Obama now leads Romney 51% to 45% among registered voters—and 54% to 43%... More »

Obama's Approval Swells to 49%

Strongest since March as president improves among conservatives

(Newser) - President Obama's job-approval numbers remain poor, but at 49% they have rebounded to their strongest point since March, showing substantial improvements from young voters, seniors, and independents in a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. Since September, Obama's approval rating has risen by 9 percentage points among Democrats, to... More »

Obama's bin Laden Bounce Is Over

President's approval fades, Mitt sitting pretty: Poll

(Newser) - The raid that killed Osama bin Laden bought President Obama barely a month of higher approval ratings, according to the latest Washington Post / ABCNews poll. The president's approval rating, which stood at 47% in April, surged to 57% in May, but has now dropped right back down to... More »

For 1st Time, Most Americans Back Gay Marriage

ABC/Post survey finds 53% in favor

(Newser) - A new survey from ABC and the Washington Post suggests a milestone for gay rights: More than half of Americans—53% to be exact—say gay men and women should be able to legally marry. It's the first time the percentage has cracked the 50% mark in almost 10 years... More »

Two-Thirds of Americans Oppose Mosque

And nearly half have a negative view of Islam

(Newser) - The proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero—and the entire religion of Islam, for that matter—get little love in a new Washington Post-ABC poll :
  • Two-thirds oppose the construction of the center and mosque, with most of those (82%) saying it's because of the location.
  • 49% have an unfavorable view
... More »

Gulf Oil Spill Worse Than Katrina: Poll

Majority of Americans want BP to face criminal charges

(Newser) - The federal government's handing of the Gulf oil spill is even worse than its reaction to Hurricane Katrina, and BP should face criminal charges related to the disaster, a majority of Americans say in a new Washington Post/ABC News poll . The feds' reaction was "poor" or "not so... More »

14% Think Obama Born Outside US

ABC/ Washington Post poll puts a number to the birthers

(Newser) - Hmmm, maybe President Obama ought to stop cracking jokes about his birth certificate. In a new ABC/Washington Post poll, 14% say he was born outside the United States. Which means that a year and a half into his presidency, a sizable chunk of people think he's not legally entitled to... More »

70% of Voters Want Incumbents Out

Country approaches midterm elections in sour mood

(Newser) - Right, left, and center, voters are unhappy: A new poll shows Americans heading into the midterm elections in the most anti-incumbent mood since 1994, with less than a third of voters leaning toward backing their current representatives in November. "I'm not really happy right now with anybody," one... More »

GOP Makes More Gains With Public

More than half of America feels 'anti-incumbent'

(Newser) - There’s more bad news for Democrats in the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll , which shows that the once-decimated Republicans have essentially evened the playing field. More than 70% gave Congress a failing grade, with almost half saying they felt “anti-incumbent” to just more than a third feeling “... More »

Why Post Poll Matters —and Why It Doesn't

New survey shows more support for public option

(Newser) - A new Washington Post/ABC poll showing an uptick in support for the public option—it stands at 57%—has pundits weighing in on the impact:
  • George Stephanopoulos, ABC: It's likely "those numbers aren't strong enough—at least not yet—to shake enough swing senators off their opposition to the
... More »

57% in Poll Back Public Option

Last-resort state-run plans gain 76% backing

(Newser) - A majority of Americans, 57%, support including a public option in health care reform legislation, according to a newly released poll. The public option had the backing of just 52% in a mid-August survey. Forty percent of respondents oppose the public option. And giving people who have no affordable alternatives... More »

Poll: Most in US Say Afghan War Not Worth It

(Newser) - On the eve of Afghanistan's elections, a major new poll finds sinking support for the US war effort there. A poll by the Washington Post and ABC finds that 51% of Americans don't think the war is worth fighting, up 6 points from last month. Only 24% think President Obama... More »

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