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Apollo 12 Astronaut Who Flew to Moon Dies

Richard Gordon was 'the kind of guy you want when you go to the moon'

(Newser) - Apollo 12 astronaut Richard "Dick" F. Gordon Jr., one of a dozen men who flew around the moon but didn't land there, has died, NASA said. He was 88. Gordon was a test pilot when he was chosen for NASA's third group of astronauts in 1963. He... More »

Traveling in Deep Space Is Bad for Your Heart

Apollo astronauts are much more likely to die of cardiovascular disease

(Newser) - Planning a trip to the moon? You might want to think about heart health first. According to a study published in Scientific Reports , travel in deep space dramatically raises the risk of cardiovascular disease. Florida State University researchers looked at America's Apollo astronauts, who are the only people ever... More »

'Embryo' Planet Plowed Into Earth, Creating Moon —and Stayed

New study suggests Earth is made up of 2 planets that fused in violent collision

(Newser) - Scientists already know that roughly 4.5 billion years ago planet Earth was violently smacked into by another mass —Theia, a so-called "planetary embryo" that was still forming and may have been just as large as Earth. But now UCLA researchers report that the collision was not a... More »

Alabama Junkyard Scraps Important Piece of NASA History

50-year-old lunar rover prototype was spotted in tiny town

(Newser) - Some deep document diving by Motherboard brings us this story of a massive and massively historical NASA lunar rover prototype and the Alabama junkyard that destroyed it for some reason. Motherboard reports a US Air Force historian was visiting his mother in Blountsville, Alabama—population 1,700—when he spotted... More »

See the Moon Missions Like Never Before

NASA's Project Apollo Archive shares thousands of high-res photos

(Newser) - We bet we can guess how anyone not entirely convinced that the US put a man on the moon will be spending their day. Kipp Teague has just updated NASA's Project Apollo Archive's Flickr account with 8,400 unprocessed, high-res, never-before-seen photos taken during the Apollo missions from... More »

Moon May Once Have Hosted Water

Study undermines theories of its creation

(Newser) - Scientists' theories on how the moon developed may not hold water—because it seems that the moon itself once did. That's what researchers are saying after new analysis of Apollo mission moon rocks, the Los Angeles Times reports. The widely-accepted story is that the moon is the result of... More »

America Bids Farewell to Neil Armstrong

First man on moon praised at DC memorial service

(Newser) - Astronauts, politicians, and members of the public crowded Washington National Cathedral yesterday to say a final farewell to Neil Armstrong, who will be buried at sea today. "He's now slipped the bonds of Earth once again, but what a legacy he left," former Treasury Secretary John Snow... More »

NASA Flags Still Upright on Moon

...except for Apollo 11's banner

(Newser) - Decades later, America's mark on the moon remains: All but one of the flags left by the Apollo missions are still flying. Scientists reviewed photos taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, sent to study the moon in 2009. The images show shadows revolving throughout the day around the flags'... More »

Lost Moon Rock Found in Clinton Files

Apollo 17 rock languished in gubernatorial files

(Newser) - In the 1970s, NASA presented a moon rock to all 50 states. Some, including Alaska and New Jersey, have lost theirs. In Arkansas, the rock had been thought lost for more than 30 years until it turned up in the files of former governor Bill Clinton. The rock—presented to... More »

New Moon Images Show Astronaut Tracks

They also show debris left behind from Apollo missions

(Newser) - NASA today released a batch of high-resolution images of the moon that show close-ups of landing sites from three Apollo missions, reports Space.com . (NASA has labeled and unlabeled versions of the images, taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, here .) They show astronauts' footprints, the tracks of their lunar... More »

Neil Armstrong Blasts Obama Space Cuts

Loss of space capability will make US second-rate nation, Armstrong warns

(Newser) - President Obama's decision to ax NASA's return-to-the-moon program is a giant leap backwards for America, moonwalker Neil Armstrong charges in an open letter to the president. The letter, released to NBC by Armstrong and two fellow Apollo commanders, says that while some of the NASA budget cuts have merit, the... More »

Top American Inventions

(Newser) - President Obama has called on Americans to innovate their way to a speedy economic recovery. In that spirit, Live Science rounds up the top 10 US innovations:
  1. Flight. The Wright Brothers’ 12-second flight in 1903 ushered the world into the age of aviation.
  2. Atomic bomb. The Manhattan project left a
... More »

We Need More Armstrongs, Fewer Jackos

Apollo astronauts exemplify what US celebs should be

(Newser) - It’s unfortunate that American celebrity typically comes in the form of “uninteresting, detestable, loud, or unaccomplished people” like Michael Jackson and Paris Hilton, writes Bret Stephens in the Wall Street Journal. What society needs is more heroes like the Apollo astronauts—celebrities with “the right stuff,”... More »

Water Found in Moon Rock

Discovery stuns lunar experts

(Newser) - Water has been detected in moon rock brought to Earth by Apollo astronauts, reports Space.com. A team used a new super-sensitive technique to discover the water in volcanic glass beads in the rock. The stunning find, detailed in the journal Nature, is forcing scientists to rethink theories about the... More »

Moon Rocks Still Giving Up Gritty Secrets

Lunar rocks have helped unlock secrets of solar system, demise of dinosaurs

(Newser) - Almost 40 years after Apollo astronauts brought samples of the moon back to Earth, the extraterrestrial rocks are still yielding new information, the New York Times reports. In addition to attention from the Johnson Space Center, where they reside, samples are mailed out—on loan only, and usually less than... More »

1 Small Disc, 1 Giant Message

Disc with messages of peace lies in moondust

(Newser) - A tiny disc carrying messages of peace from world leaders has been lying in a small pouch on the moon since 1969, reports Space.com. Space historian Tahir Rahman's new book We Came In Peace For All Mankind tells the story of how the disc came to be there—and... More »

Space Race Goes Private

Branson, tech peers are 21st century answer to NASA

(Newser) - Today’s wildest-eyed entrepreneurs were kids when Sputnik launched 50 years ago today, and they’re picking up the government’s slack by taking their inspiration spaceward. Men who made millions in technology are privatizing spaceflight, even egging each other on to compete: Google is offering $20 million to the... More »

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