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YouTube Star Ted Williams Heading to Rehab

Formerly homeless radio announcer admits to daily drinking

(Newser) - Ted Williams might have beaten homelessness and gotten scores of job offers, but some old problems remain. After a televised session with Dr. Phil, the man whose smooth radio voice made him a YouTube sensation has decided to check into a private, inpatient rehab facility to try to rid himself... More »

Ted Williams' Frozen Head Treated Like a Baseball

Former exec at cryogenics company details bizarre, unprofessional practices

(Newser) - Ted Williams’ frozen head has apparently not received the respect usually accorded to Hall of Famers. In a tell-all, a former exec at the cryogenic facility where the Red Sox slugger’s body resides writes that his severed head was propped up in a canister on a can of Bumble... More »

Mauer Has a Real Shot at .400

(Newser) - Opponents don’t spend much time looking at the scouting report for Joe Mauer, because it shows that the Minnesota Twins catcher doesn’t strike out, doesn’t pop up, and has no holes in his swing—and that’s no misprint. That’s why Mauer, currently hitting .394, has... More »

BoSox Star Dom DiMaggio Dead at 92

All-Star excelled in the shadow of brother Joe and Ted Williams

(Newser) - Dom DiMaggio, the talented younger brother of Joltin’ Joe, died today at the age of 92, the Boston Globe reports. The former Red Sox center fielder went to the All-Star Game seven times in his 11-year career, and earned accolades from his contemporaries. Ted Williams called DiMaggio “the best... More »

Updike: An Author 'Hoping to Talk to America'

Superlatives hardly lacking in wake of writer's death at 76

(Newser) - John Updike, who died today at 76, was many things: Bob Ryan, in the Boston Globe, calls him the author of the “most spellbinding essay ever written about baseball.” For Carolyn Kellogg, in the Los Angeles Times, the first line of his story A&P displays a “... More »

OJ Memorabilia Almost Worthless

That OJ Simpson Memorabilia? Practically Worthless Market collapses for ex-footballer's gear

(Newser) - After O.J. Simpson's debacle stealing back his own signed footballs and photographs in Las Vegas, the Washington Post asks, just who would want it anyway? While the multibillion-dollar market for sports memorabilia booms, material from Simpson's career is nearly worthless—in fact, a Simpson-signed helmet will run you less... More »

6 Stories