Ralph Whitworth

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Sprint CEO Gets the Sack

Floundering wireless carrier to find replacement by December

(Newser) - Sprint CEO Gary Forsee is getting canned, the Wall Street Journal reports, as America’s number three carrier struggles to find an identity. Earlier this week activist investor Ralph Whitworth called for Forsee’s head, but it had been on the chopping block since August, Journal sources say. Sprint's net... More »

Activist Investor Amps Up for Sprint Fight

CEO slayer wants change at carrier

(Newser) - Ralph Whitworth isn’t happy with Sprint’s priorities or its management, and he’s one shareholder the wireless carrier can’t just laugh off. The principal of Relational Investors has parlayed small shares in Home Depot and Sovereign into the sacking of those corporations’ CEOs; now he says he’... More »

2 Stories