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Epic 4G May Put Sprint on Top

Reviewers loving hefty, feature-packed Sprint device

(Newser) - Sprint has been the punching bag of the mobile world for a while now, but that may be changing thanks to its lightning-fast 4G WiMax network—and the spiffy new Android smartphones that use it. First there was the HTC EVO, and now comes the Epic, part of Samsung’s... More »

Sprint CEO Plans to Slash More Jobs

'A few thousand' layoffs likely as company tightens belt

(Newser) - Daniel Hesse, the new CEO of Sprint Nextel Corp., plans another round of extensive job cuts, likely in the range of a few thousand, the Wall Street Journal reports. The layoffs come during a protracted period of poor performance for Sprint, the nation’s third largest cellular carrier, which analysts... More »

Is WiMac In the Air at Macworld?

Steve Jobs will reveal what's up his sleeve next at Macworld

(Newser) - For Apple fanistas, Christmas—as in Macworld—is just around the corner. The annual Mac lovefest in San Francisco opens with a Steve Jobs keynote that usually reveals Apple’s latest and greatest, such as last year’s show-stopping iPhone. What’s in store next week? It could be the... More »

Sprint Primed for WiMax Launch

Partnerships help company ready new wireless network

(Newser) - Sprint has unveiled new corporate partnerships to help meet its goal of deploying its WiMax wireless broadband network in DC, Baltimore, and Chicago by April, the Washington Post reports. The wireless provider has joined with several companies to provide online storage, security, and mobile devices for WiMax, which offers speeds... More »

Sprint, Clearwire Network Deal Shelved

Collapsed deal heavy blow to Clearwire

(Newser) - An ambitious agreement between Sprint Nextel and Clearwire to built a nationwide WiMax wireless network, reaching 100 million people by late next year, is on the rocks, insiders tell the Wall Street Journal. The transaction apparently collapsed under the weight of its complexities, aggravated by Clearwire's larger-than-expected third-quarter losses and... More »

Tech Giant Cisco Will Buy WiMax Firm for $330M

Navini's technology will enable widespread 3rd world internet access

(Newser) - Cisco Systems announced yesterday that it will purchase WiMax innovator Navini Networks for $330 million in cash and stock, Fortune reports. WiMax is similar to existing wireless technology except that its signals can be received by computers up to five miles away. Cisco's acquisition represents a reversal of previously held... More »

WiMax Gets Green Light from UN

Upstart wireless tech included in next generation standards

(Newser) - In a huge victory for Intel, the UN’s telecommunications agency yesterday gave WiMax a thumbs up, opening the way for member nations to devote public radio space to the upstart wireless internet technology. Intel lobbied hard for the WiMax, which can sling data 40 miles at up to 70... More »

Activist Investor Amps Up for Sprint Fight

CEO slayer wants change at carrier

(Newser) - Ralph Whitworth isn’t happy with Sprint’s priorities or its management, and he’s one shareholder the wireless carrier can’t just laugh off. The principal of Relational Investors has parlayed small shares in Home Depot and Sovereign into the sacking of those corporations’ CEOs; now he says he’... More »

8 Stories