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Verdict Is In for Artist Who Insists He Didn't Paint Picture

Peter Doig emerges victorious in odd art-world case

(Newser) - A case calls "one wild ride" may finally be over after a federal judge ruled Tuesday that artist Peter Doig wasn't the painter of a painting owned by an ex-corrections officer—and that the man and his art dealer couldn't sue Doig for foiling plans... More »

New Mozart Score Surfaces in France

Melodic sketch was part of a collection given to a Nantes library in early 1800s

(Newser) - A single-page musical score located in a French library has been confirmed as a Mozart original, the Telegraph reports. “Mozart's handwriting is clearly identifiable,” an expert said. “There's no doubt that this is an original piece handwritten by Mozart.” The notation is for a melody only,... More »

Advice for Obama: Don't Take Any Advice

Dems risk rubbing out the candidate's authenticity: Brooks

(Newser) - As Barack Obama arrives in Denver, the once-buoyant candidate is being assailed with bad advice from all sides, writes David Brooks. From a Dukakis-style policy blitz to Michael Moore-ish pugilism, the suggestions for Obama's team are a "Greatest Misses compilation" of past failures. Obama knows what he should do,... More »

Classic Painting May Not Be Goya's

Colossus pulled at last minute from Prado exhibition

(Newser) - Madrid's Prado Museum tomorrow opens a major exhibition, Goya in Times of War, but while the show will contain many of the master's most famous paintings from the Napoleonic invasion, his major 1808 work The Colossus has been withdrawn. The reason? After two centuries, art historians say the work might... More »

Mac's Tour Aims at Dem Strongholds

Town-hall-heavy trip is high-risk, must be sustained to avoid looking like a stunt

(Newser) - John McCain is planning a tour to visit core Democratic constituencies—inner cities, Appalachia, the black South—in what John Dickerson, in Slate, sees not as a direct appeal for votes, but rather a campaign to beam his authenticity, via the media, to the country’s independents. A McCain advisor... More »

Pizza Police Pursue Posers

Deep-dish, go home: Italian law governs aims to enforce Neapolitan authenticity

(Newser) - Think that pineapple-and ham-concoction is a pizza? Not according to Italian law, Julie Reno writes in the Smart Set. Only hand-kneaded dough, rolled to no more than 14 inches in diameter, topped with San Marzano plum tomatoes and baked in a brick wood-fired oven qualifies. La Pizza Polizia crown such... More »

Romney Talks the Talk, But Where Are the Votes?

Weekly Standard can't figure it out

(Newser) - On taxes, social issues, and foreign policy, Mitt Romney is “perfectly attuned to mainstream Republicans.” But the supporters just aren’t coming, and the Weekly Standard’s Fred Barnes can’t figure out why. Romney appeals to the same voters who elected the president and his father; but... More »

Michelle Obama Keeps It Real

Candidate's wife opts for candor, humor, even complaining—and Salon says it's working

(Newser) - Michelle Obama may not be the only spouse on the campaign trail who's not cut in the mold of the cookie-baking first lady, but she’s a standout even in a field that features a tongue-pierced spouse, Salon's Rebecca Traister writes. Barack Obama's wife has taken to the trail not... More »

Mitt Veils His Mormonism

Disguising a central biographical peg leaves candidate Romney with authenticity problem

(Newser) - In downplaying his Mormonism, Mitt Romney is a candidate “who seems to have no history, and, as a result, no heart,” argues Newsweek. When Mitt boasts of his “Judeo-Christian tradition” roots, calls Jesus his “personal savior”—not Mormon terms—and says he hasn’t “... More »

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