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Man Caught on Video Ditching Limping Dog

Latest CCTV episode of Brits being cruel to animals

(Newser) - In the continuing saga of Brits being cruel to animals on surveillance video, a man has been nabbed on CCTV dumping a limping dog and driving away. The dog eagerly follows his master to a park area in Dorset, then stands, stunned, as the man speeds off. "The dog... More »

Cat Trasher Gets Death Threats

Now she's under police protection

(Newser) - The woman caught on surveillance video dumping a friendly cat into a trash bin and slamming down the lid is now under police protection after receiving death threats. British bank worker Mary Bale, 45, finally went into "full apology mode" after Facebook users launched a site called "Mary... More »

Owner Gets Jail for Vicious Attack on Dog

Sobbing teen barred from owning pets

(Newser) - A sobbing British dog owner was sentenced to 8 weeks in jail for repeatedly kicking his friendly Staffordshire bull terrier puppy when the dog refused to be goaded into biting one of the teen's pals. The vicious attack was caught on public CCTV surveillance film, reports the Sun . On the... More »

London Cameras a Bust: 1 Crime Solved Per 1K

(Newser) - Surveillance cameras are nearly worthless in the fight against crime, a London police report concluded, with fewer than one crime solved annually for every 1,000 cameras.The UK is one of the world's most monitored countries, with one camera for every 14 people and 1 million cameras in London... More »

Big Brother Sees Washington

City develops extensive CCTV surveillance network

(Newser) - If you plan to go outdoors in Washington, DC, comb your hair first, because someone's probably going to see you. The capital is ramping up a video surveillance system that puts most others in the entire world to shame, the LA Times reports. Unsurprisingly, the 5,625-camera network has captured... More »

UK Is Ready for Its Closeup

With 1 surveillance camera for every 15 Britons, unexamined life is nonexistent

(Newser) - The nation that embraced the "Big Brother" TV show is becoming eerily like the society George Orwell envisioned, reports the LA Times. Litterers under closed-circuit surveillance respond to commands to pick up trash they drop, and errant cyclists are ordered to dismount in pedestrian-only areas. Britons increasingly are trading... More »

Diana Jury Watches Dodi Buying 'Engagement Ring'

Inquest shown footage of lover at Paris jeweler

(Newser) - The jury hearing inquiries into the 1997 death of Princess Diana saw footage today of the princess' lover at a Paris jewelers hours before the couple died in a car accident. Dodi Fayed's father claims his son was purchasing an engagement ring to propose to Diana that night. The jury... More »

Jury Sees Tape of Diana's Hotel Departure

Court observers interpret driver's signs as signals to paparazzi

(Newser) - Princess Diana's driver might have tipped off paparazzi to her departure from a Paris hotel the night of her death, the Guardian reports after today's viewing of video at an inquest into the incident. Video shows Diana and companion Dodi Fayed preparing to evade photographers by leaving through a back... More »

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