Diana inquest

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Fayed Won't Fight Diana Verdict

Says he'll give conspiracy claims a rest for princes' sake

(Newser) - Though he maintains “reservations,” Mohamed al Fayed won’t fight the verdict in the inquest into the death of his son and Princess Diana, the Daily Telegraph reports. “I’ve done everything for 10 years,” he said. “Enough is enough.” He said he accepts... More »

Princes: Now Leave Mum Alone

William and Harry relieved grueling inquest is over

(Newser) - Prince William and Harry are relieved that the grueling inquest into their mother's death has concluded, hoping it will quiet speculation about conspiracies behind the tragedy. "They just want it to end after all this time," a source told the Daily Telegraph. The inquest concluded yesterday that Princess... More »

'Grossly Negligent' Driving Led to Diana's Death: Jury

Six-month inquest blames chauffeur, paparazzi, not conspiracy

(Newser) - Princess Diana was killed by the “grossly negligent” driving of an inebriated Henri Paul and the paparazzi following the car, the inquest jury declared today, ruling the 1997 crash an “unlawful killing.” The jury added that not wearing seat belts had contributed to Diana and Dodi Fayed’... More »

False News of Blood Samples Delays Diana Inquest

Coroner cautions jurors on ex-butler's testimony

(Newser) - The Princess Diana inquest came to a brief halt today after the possibility of new evidence arose, the Daily Mail reports. Just as the inquest was winding down, the coroner received an email saying a new blood sample from Diana's driver had turned up in Paris. The evidence would have... More »

Diana Coroner Dismisses Conspiracy

Duke of Edinburgh, British intelligence not to blame for Princess' death

(Newser) - Diana wasn't the victim of a murder plot, her coroner told an inquest jury today after six months of testimony. Lord Justice Scott Baker told jurors to decide either that the Princess and Dodi died in an accident, or as result of gross negligence—her driver's or the paparazzi's. But... More »

Diana Inquest Headed to Jury

Jurors to decide whether lovers' deaths were accidental or part of a plot

(Newser) - Was Diana, Princess of Wales, pregnant? About to marry Dodi? Murdered by the royal family? The inquest into her death, alternately official investigation and media spectacle, is nearing its conclusion this week after six months and more than 250 witnesses, reports Reuters. The presiding judge will make his summary tomorrow,... More »

Queen, Duke Won't Testify at Lady Di Inquest

Fayed fails to make them testify as inquiry hears last witness

(Newser) - Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip will not testify at an inquiry into Princess Diana's death, the BBC reports. Mohamed al Fayed, who accuses the royals of killing his son, Dodi, and Diana, failed today in a bid to make them testify. Fayed himself was a witness, turning heated over... More »

Di's Butler Refuses Court Return

Burrell denies he perjured himself to princess' inquest

(Newser) - Princess Diana’s ex-butler rejected a request to return to Britain to clarify statements made to a reporter about having lied to the inquest into her death, the Guardian reports today. Paul Burrell, who now lives in Florida, says he had "been drinking all evening and was tired and... More »

Former UK Intel Boss Refutes Diana Charges

He says agents didn't kill princess, calls allegations absurd

(Newser) - In uncharacteristic public statements, the former head of British intelligence service MI6 denied during a court appearance today that agents were behind Princess Diana's 1997 death, the Telegraph reports. While Sir Richard Dearlove—known as "C" during his 1999-2004 tenure as agency boss—admitted MI6 can authorize assassinations, he... More »

Diana's Butler Cops to Lying at Inquest

'I was very naughty,' Burrell confesses on videotape

(Newser) - Princess Diana's ex-butler threw the $20-million inquest into her death "a few red herrings," "didn't tell the whole truth," and could be facing some quality time in the pokey for his trouble, reports the Sun. The British paper says it uncovered a 3-hour videotape in which... More »

Fayed: 'Nazi' Philip Killed Diana

Dodi's dad decries royals, details conspiracy theory in inquest rant

(Newser) - Prince Phillip—a “Nazi” who should be sent “back to Germany from where he comes”—headed a royal family plot to murder Princess Diana and his son, Dodi Al Fayed's father told the Diana inquest today. “You want to know his original name—It ends with... More »

Conspiracy Theories on Diana Unravel

Investigator says he can't back up cover-up claims from Dodi's dad

(Newser) - Mohamed al Fayed's grand conspiracy theories regarding the death of son Dodi and Princess Diana took a blow today as his chief investigator had to admit time and again on the witness stand that he had no evidence to back them up, the Guardian reports. John Macnamara grew increasingly uncomfortable... More »

Di's Driver Wasn't Drunk: Parents

Mother, father defend Paul at London inquest

(Newser) - Princess Diana's French driver wasn't drunk on the night of the crash that took both their lives, Henri Paul's parents told the London inquest today. Police concluded that Paul was intoxicated based on blood samples taken after he died in the accident. But experts have questioned the origin of the... More »

Bodyguard: Diana Needed More Security

He blames al-Fayed family for small team and a lack of trust

(Newser) - One of the bodyguards protecting Princess Diana and Dodi al-Fayed says a lack of manpower and trust hamstrung the security team in the days preceding the fatal crash, Reuters reports. Kieran Wingfield testified at the Diana inquest that Dodi’s father repeatedly rejected his requests for more guards and that... More »

No Cover-Up in Diana Crash, Survivor Says

Bodyguard refutes al-Fayed claim that Brits killed princess, Dodi

(Newser) - Still bearing scars on his face from the 1997 crash that killed Princess Diana, bodyguard Trevor Rees told the inquest into her death today that he isn't part of a British cover-up alleged by Mohammed al-Fayed, Reuters reports. "All I have ever done is give the truth as I... More »

Di's Guard: Inquest a 'Spectacle'

Claims daily headlines coming out of inquest the same old news

(Newser) - The "latest" developments in the Princess Diana inquest are the same old news, and the monthslong proceeding has "degenerated" into a "theatrical, occasionally tawdry, spectacle," writes her former bodyguard in the Guardian. Most of the recent testimonies—including his own—were first made public years ago,... More »

Ex-Lawyer: Diana Predicted Queen's Abdication

Princess said she and Charles would be 'skipped over'

(Newser) - Princess Diana believed Queen Elizabeth would abdicate in 1996, and that Prince Charles should succeed her on the throne but wouldn't, the BBC reports. Divorce lawyer Maggie Rae testified today that Diana confided in her in October 1995, predicting that Prince William would be picked over Charles. She also said... More »

Butler: Dodi Wasn't 'the One'

Factotum tells inquest Diana planned to marry ex-flame Khan

(Newser) - Princess Diana had no intention of marrying Dodi al Fayed but had set her sights on Hasnat Khan, says her former butler and confidant extraordinaire. Paul Burrell testified at her inquest today that he met with a Catholic priest to make arrangements for a private ceremony for the princess and... More »

Brit Intelligence Leaked Di 'Squidgy Tapes,' Says Guard

'Intimate call broadcast on airwaves'

(Newser) - A British intelligence agency likely recorded Princess Diana's intimate phone conversations with her lover and leaked the embarrassing 1992 "Squidgygate" tapes, her former bodyguard testified yesterday at the inquest into her death. In the tapes, widely distributed by the press, car salesman James Gilbey tells Diana: "I love... More »

Diana, Dodi Split Before Crash, Friend Tells Inquest

Princess described the affair as 'all over'

(Newser) - Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed had already broken up when they were killed in a car crash, a family friend of Diana's told the inquest into her death today. When Rodney Turner objected to the relationship weeks before the accident, he says, Diana told him, "Don't fuss, don't fuss.... More »

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