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Spike Lee: Hollywood Clueless About Black People

Sundance speech gets testy

(Newser) - Spike Lee screened his latest film—Red Hook Summer, a quasi-sequel to Do the Right Thing—at the Sundance Film Festival last night, but what really got people talking was the profanity-laden tirade he delivered in the Q&A afterward. The fireworks started when surprise attendee Chris Rock stood up... More »

LulzSec Suspect Nabbed for Sony Pictures Hack

Cody Kretsinger broke into studio computers, posted user data online: feds

(Newser) - An alleged LulzSec member was arrested yesterday in Arizona in connection with the major hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment earlier this year . Cody Kretsinger, 23, has been charged with conspiracy as well as the unauthorized impairment of a protected computer, Reuters reports. Kretsinger and others used a common hack called... More »

Dying MGM Taking Bids

Struggling studio could be picked up by Time Warner

(Newser) - MGM Studios, once the stuff of Hollywood legend, is on the chopping block: The first bids from potential buyers are expected in the next few weeks, reports Variety . MGM made only one film this year—the poorly-performing Fame—and, possibly even sadder, its future projects include the grim-sounding Hot Tub ... More »

Tyra Banks Kisses Talk Show Goodbye

The Tyra Show to end after fifth season in spring 2010

(Newser) - Tyra Banks is pulling an Oprah: The Tyra Show host will end her daytime talk show—which brought everything from televised colonics to Tyra in her bathing suit to America's living rooms—at the end of this season to focus on a film studio she’s starting. “I’ve... More »

New Orleans Builds on Hollywood-Friendly Rep

Films provide critical revenue to city

(Newser) - Movie projects like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button have provided valuable revenue to beleaguered New Orleans, and new studio and soundstage developments aim to ensure the city has all the amenities filmmakers need to complete their projects. The city is getting 600,000 feet of soundstages—needed to shoot... More »

Warner Bros. Opens Its Film Vault Online

6,800 movies will be posted for viewing, recording

(Newser) - Film fans, rejoice! Warner Bros. is dusting off its archive and making 6,800 films that never made it to DVD available for purchase online. launched yesterday with an initial 150 titles—ranging from the 1923 silent Souls for Sale to the more recent Wisdom with Emilio Estevez.... More »

Best Picture Nod Brings $6.7M Boost

Advertising is expensive, but nominations can pay off big for studios

(Newser) - With studios shelling out huge bucks to push their films on Oscar voters—Frost/Nixon probably dropped hundreds of thousands for a few days of spreads in the Hollywood papers—could such ad blitzes actually pay off? The answer is yes: A best picture nomination is worth at least $6.7... More »

Warner Bros. Slashing 10% of Workforce

600 workers to be laid off; 300 jobs to be outsourced

(Newser) - Even the Dark Knight is no match for this economy. Warner Bros. is cutting 800 jobs across all levels of the firm, shrinking its workforce by 10%, the Wall Street Journal reports. That means 600 employees will have to leave, with 300 departing in the next few weeks. The rest... More »

Iraq Films Get Army's Attention

Film liaisons offer help; some directors see spin

(Newser) - War films can help shape public perception, and the Army is trying to guide moviemakers away from negative portrayals of the Iraq conflict like the ones that dominated films about Vietnam. Army liaisons to Hollywood offer equipment, expertise—and script alterations that some filmmakers see as spin. The LA Times... More »

LiLo at Work: 'So Far, So Good'

Producers surprised by actress' professionalism, talent

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan is back at work on the set of the comedy Labor Pains, and after a week, the movie's producers are impressed with her skill and professionalism. "We were a little bit reluctant to work with her," producer Lati Grobman tells People. "But she's been amazing.... More »

Sex Success Bodes Well for Chick Flicks

Fabulous turnout gets studios eyeing female demographic

(Newser) - The studios were wowed by the huge turnout for Sex and the City, and a slew of sisterly imitations could follow, Variety reports. Movie executives have been leery of chick flicks in the past, and they still hold doubts about projects with slim crossover potential. But with four other femme-centered... More »

Absent Original Scripts, Studios Reel in Lit

Post-strike surge doesn't materialize, so execs tap books, mags

(Newser) - Movie execs counting on a flood of scripts after the writers strike wrapped up in February are snug and dry and turning to books and magazine articles instead, Variety reports. Plump with new fiscal-year budgets, studios are snatching up literary pieces faster than in years past; prison escapes, sunken-ship salvage,... More »

Film Biz Goes Bananas Over Hannah

Tween star's 3-D concert success may bring similar ventures

(Newser) - Film execs looking to inject life into the dormant sphere of alternative content—showing concerts, sporting events, etc., in theaters—are turning their eyes toward teen star Miley Cyrus and her cash-cow alter ego, Hannah Montana. Cyrus dominated conversation today at an industry conference because her enormously popular 3-D concert... More »

Movie Industry on a Roll

Despite writers' strike, Hollywood sets $26.7B box office record in 2007

(Newser) - Nearly 30 films took in more than $100 million each last year as the movie industry recorded its best box office year ever, reports the Wall Street Journal. The writers' strike, rising costs, and a spate of so-so releases at the end of the year put a damper on an... More »

Writers, Studios Agree Only That Stakes Are High

'We have to get this one right,' striker says of long-term implications

(Newser) - The $150 million or so the Writers Guild's demands would cost over the next 3 years is chump change by studio standards, but the long-term stakes in the deadlocked 2-month-old strike are high, reports the Washington Post. It's now or never for the writers to seal their piece of the... More »

Tom Cruise's United Artists Cutting Deal With Writers

Movie studio first to break ranks

(Newser) - United Artists, the independent production unit of MGM controlled by actor Tom Cruise, is expected to soon finalize a deal with striking Hollywood writers modeled on the one made by producers for talk-show host David Letterman, the Los Angeles Times reports. United Artists will likely grant some key demands of... More »

Studios Want Piece of Bollywood

Big names want in on the Indian film industry

(Newser) - Big studios such as Sony, Paramount Pictures, and Disney will be doing their best to make it big this year in Bollywood, India's increasingly profitable film scene, the Financial Times reports. As the India business becomes less mystifying to outsiders, big international studios want a piece of the world's most... More »

Apple Wants Slice of Movie Rental Biz

Fox deal presages plans to shake up online distribution

(Newser) - Apple is getting ready to formally announce the launch of its online movie rental business, the AP reports. Fox is already on board, as the FT reported yesterday, and other studios are expected to follow in making their movies available for rent through iTunes. Apple's also planning a widespread licensing... More »

Striking Writers Turn to Web Biz

Top writers plan to bypass studios with original online programing

(Newser) - Dozens of striking film and TV writers are creating new companies that would bypass Hollywood studios and present original video entertainment directly on the Internet. Three groups of writers are working on ventures similar to United Artists, the production company created by Charlie Chaplin and other stars who wanted to... More »

Jackass 2.5 to Have Web-Only Debut

'First Internet movie', studio heads say

(Newser) - Paramount is moving into uncharted territory by premiering Jackass 2.5 online, the New York Times reports. The December 19 premier on Blockbuster's Movielink service will be the first time a studio-backed feature film has made its debut on the Web. Executives hope that a successful experiment will pave the... More »

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