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3 Soldiers Charged in Iraqis' Murder

Killings were retribution for American casualties

(Newser) - Three soldiers have been charged with murder for their alleged role in the killing of four Iraqis last year, the US Army said today. The Iraqi men were blindfolded, shot in the head, and dumped in a Baghdad canal around April 2007 in retribution for casualties suffered by the 1st... More »

Civilian Jury Acquits Ex-Marine of Iraqi Murders

'No one saw who did the shooting,' says juror

(Newser) - A former Marine sergeant accused of killing Iraqi prisoners has been acquitted by a California jury, reports the Los Angeles Times. Jose Luis Nazario, 28, wept as he heard the verdict. It's the first time in modern history a civilian jury has ruled on actions taken in combat, and promised... More »

Army Can Execute Death-Row Soldier, Bush Rules

Ronald Gray set to become first service member put to death since 1961

(Newser) - President Bush today approved the execution of an Army private, administration officials said. It was the first time in over a half-century that a president has affirmed a death sentence for a member of the US military. Bush OK'd the military's request to execute Ronald A. Gray, convicted in connection... More »

Supreme Court Goofs Up Key Fact in Child Rape Decision

Court was wrong about federal death penalty

(Newser) - The Supreme Court misconstrued a key fact in reaching its recent decision banning the death penalty for child rape, reports the New York Times. Swing justice Anthony Kennedy mistakenly noted in his decision that child rapists did not face the death penalty in federal jurisdiction. But in fact the rape... More »

Fierce Military Lawyers Take On Gitmo Fight

Defense attorneys wage tough battles for terror suspect clients

(Newser) - Military lawyers appointed to represent Guantanamo prisoners have been fighting in their clients' corner with unexpected fierceness, the New York Times reports. The lawyers have infuriated prosecutors by challenging the administration's war crimes system and demanding rights for their clients. One of them describes the task as a "historic... More »

Okinawa Marine Gets 4 Years for Teen Sex Abuse

US court martial accepts his plea to lesser charges

(Newser) - The US marine accused of raping a 14-year-old Japanese girl was sentenced by court martial today to four years in prison, after pleading guilty to abusive sexual conduct, Reuters reports. The other charges against 38-year-old Sgt. Tyrone Hadnott, including rape and kidnapping, were dropped. With his plea deal, Hadnott will... More »

US Charges Marine With Okinawa Rape

Military does own investigation after Japan drops charges

(Newser) - The US military has charged a Marine with rape of a child, adultery, and kidnapping after an assault on a 14-year-old girl in Okinawa, CNN reports. Japanese officials had released the Marine earlier this year after the girl, apparently not wanting to be in the public eye, dropped the allegations.... More »

House Bids to Put Contractors Under US Law

Landslide passage for bill to bring private firms into civilian courts

(Newser) - The House of Representatives passed a bill today that would make private security firms accountable to US civilian courts; the vote was 389 to 30, with opposition coming only from Republicans. The White House and Pentagon want contractors kept under military jurisdiction, but if the Senate passes similar legislation by... More »

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