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Dems Cut Deal on Pelosi's No. 2

Give Clyburn TBD No. 3 post, avoid Hoyer dogfight

(Newser) - House Democrats have avoided a dogfight over their No. 2 leadership slot, announcing that Steny Hoyer would stay put while Jim Clyburn takes a to-be-determined No. 3 position. The move leaves Nancy Pelosi, who announced the deal last night, without any significant leadership battles ahead of Wednesday's caucus vote, Politico... More »

Eric Cantor Scoffs at Call for Bipartisanship

Va. rep dismisses Obama's 'lecturing' State of the Union

(Newser) - Eric Cantor was annoyed by the “rhetoric and lecturing” in President Obama's State of the Union address, and he doesn’t have high hopes for today’s sit-down with GOP leaders, the first of what Obama promised would be monthly meetings. The president has called for bipartisanship before, the... More »

Cantor Skips Obama for Britney Concert

(Newser) - The political blogosphere is having some fun tonight with the fact that House Minority Whip Eric Cantor attended the Britney Spears concert last night instead of dutifully tuning in to President Obama's press conference. Cantor's office confirmed to Wonkette that he took in the show, adding that he did so... More »

GOP's Cantor Plays Foil in Obama's Bipartisan Push

(Newser) - At a time when congressional Republicans hold little power, Minority Whip Eric Cantor has finagled a pivotal role for himself in Washington. Cantor—Barack Obama’s Republican of choice in bipartisan overtures—has coyly positioned himself against House Democrats instead of the popular president, Rick Klein notes for ABC News.... More »

Blunt Steps Aside as GOP House Whip

Missourian weary of cajoling an unwilling Republican membership

(Newser) - House Minority Whip Roy Blunt is giving up his place in the Republican leadership, CQPolitics reports. Blunt, who’s held the post since 2002, said today he’s weary of “asking members to do something they don’t want to do.” He endorsed his deputy, Eric Cantor, as... More »

House Bids to Put Contractors Under US Law

Landslide passage for bill to bring private firms into civilian courts

(Newser) - The House of Representatives passed a bill today that would make private security firms accountable to US civilian courts; the vote was 389 to 30, with opposition coming only from Republicans. The White House and Pentagon want contractors kept under military jurisdiction, but if the Senate passes similar legislation by... More »

6 Stories