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Student Must Pay $675K for Illegal Downloads

(Newser) - A Boston graduate student must pay $675,000 to the music industry for illegally downloading 30 songs, a federal jury ordered today. Joel Tenenbaum, 25, essentially admitted yesterday to grabbing the music via file-sharing network KaZaA. The fine averages out to $22,500 per song—significantly less than the $80,... More »

5 Sites Keeping You Tuned Into Online Music

Streaming music gets a foothold among listeners

(Newser) - The wide world of online music now offers a range of ways to stream your tunes, from pay sites to musical social-networking services. It’s hard to tell which will stick around, but experts say they may help save the music industry, CNN reports. A sampling:
  • Napster: It’s back
... More »

P2P Pirate Mom Seeks New Trial

Wants $220,000 jury judgment thrown out

(Newser) - A single mom recently hit with a $220,000 penalty for P2P file-sharing of copyrighted music online is asking for a new trial, or a reduction of damages to between$0 and $150. News.com reports that attorneys for Jammie Thomas, the first person ever brought to trial for file-sharing, plan... More »

Woman Fights Music-Sharing Verdict

Plans to appeal $222K fine for putting 24 songs on Kazaa P2P service

(Newser) - Ordered to pay $9,250 for each of 24 illegally shared songs, a 30-year-old Native American single mother has decided to appeal the judgment against her in a copyright infringement case, her lawyer announced in a CNN interview. A jury determined last week that she owed a total of $222,... More »

Woman Guilty of File-Sharing, Fined $222K

Recording industry scores victory in music download battle

(Newser) - A Minnesota woman was found guilty of copyright infringement today in the first file-sharing case to go before a US jury, Wired reports. Jammie Thomas, a single mother, was ordered to pay $222,000 in fines, or $9,250 for each of the 24 shared songs that were the subject... More »

5 Stories