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Student Must Pay $675K for Illegal Downloads

(Newser) - A Boston graduate student must pay $675,000 to the music industry for illegally downloading 30 songs, a federal jury ordered today. Joel Tenenbaum, 25, essentially admitted yesterday to grabbing the music via file-sharing network KaZaA. The fine averages out to $22,500 per song—significantly less than the $80,... More »

Royalties Deal May Save Internet Radio

(Newser) - Record labels and the online radio industry have reached a deal on royalties that insiders think will allow the medium to survive, the New York Times reports. Larger sites like Pandora will pay the labels 25% of revenue or up to 14 cents for every song they stream—whichever is... More »

Fading Radio, Recording Outfits Clash Over Royalties

(Newser) - The recording industry and radio-station owners are clashing in Washington over the issue of royalties, Bloomberg reports. Both sides have spent tens of millions on lobbying, and contributed to the campaigns of legislators of both parties. At present, radio stations pay royalties to songwriters and publishers, not artists. “This... More »

Internet Music Retailers Race to Cut Prices

(Newser) - Faced with crumbling CD sales and a digital market without enough oomph to compensate, online music sellers are slashing prices to lure buyers, the Boston Globe reports. “It is the schoolyard crack dealer approach,” one analyst said. Amazon MP3 offers sought-after albums for $3.99, and others for... More »

At $242M, Madonna Tops Music Moneymaker List

(Newser) - When it comes to overall revenues in 2008, all other musicians took a back seat to Madonna. Billboard notes that the top 20 earners all toured, a move that is bringing in more and more money as record sales tank. The top moneymakers:
  1. Madonna: With more than $242 million, the
... More »

Tune Would Pave Zeppelin a $572M 'Stairway to Heaven'

A little informal addition indicates classic-rock masterpiece is a gold mine

(Newser) - With Led Zeppelin's first iTunes-sold album boosting the classic Stairway to Heaven back into various charts, Portfolio sounded out entertainment execs on what the tune might really be worth if the "notoriously protective" band would loosen the shackles. The final math: $572 million. A look at the breakdown: More »

Euro Websites Rock Recording Industry

Slicethepie, Sellaband get visitors to invest in favorite bands

(Newser) - While the recording industry continues to lose profits, two online companies are reinventing the recorded music business model—and raking in the cash. Europe's SellaBand and Slicethepie are getting fans to finance their favorite indie rock up-and-comers. Amazon UK wants in, but online gambling legislation in the US makes it... More »

Jackson Five May Reunite in '08

Michael will take part, says Jermaine

(Newser) - The Jackson Five could be touring again as early as next year, according to Jermaine, and Michael will take part. "We feel we have to do it one more time," the third-oldest Jackson brother told the BBC. "We owe that to the fans and to the public.... More »

Radiohead Buyers Forking Out $2 to $9

Pay-what-you-want record earning media buzz, but has doubters

(Newser) - Fans are dishing out $2 to $9 to preorder Radiohead's pay-what-you-want In Rainbows album, reports the New York Times — as the plan wins hours of media and water cooler buzz. Many buyers are even getting the box set, with an extra CD and booklet for $82. But not all... More »

9 Stories