1980 hostage crisis

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1979 Iran Hostages Finally Get Their Money

Each of 37 survivors can receive up to $4.4M

(Newser) - Survivors of the Iranian hostage crisis will be awarded up to $4.4 million each, more than three decades after their 444 days in captivity. The terms are laid out in a spending bill President Obama signed into law last week, which also includes reparation for victims of other terrorist... More »

Former Iran Hostages: Show Us the Money

'Argo' only focuses on the good part of the story

(Newser) - In the wake of Argo's Oscar win , the National Journal reminds us that though the film focuses on the successful part of the Iranian Hostage Crisis—the six US Embassy employees that escaped—there were 52 other Americans who were held for 444 days, and they've yet to... More »

US-Iran Talks First Since 1979

On the table: Iraqi security. Off the table: Iranian nuclear buildup, detainees.

(Newser) - Ambassadors for the US and Iran met for four hours today in Baghdad, in the first bilateral talks between the countries in decades. The US's Ryan Crocker was expected to press claims that Iran is providing training and weapons to Iraqi insurgents, and his counterpart Hassan Kazemi Qomi to raise... More »

Tehran Rescue Caper Was Screen Gem

How a fake movie saved Americans trapped in revolutionary Iran

(Newser) - Wired looks back at one of the most daring (and cinematic) CIA operations ever declassified: the smuggling home of six American hostages during the 1980 Iranian revolution. With the Canadian government's help, agent Tony Mendez painstakingly crafted the elaborate guise of a Canadian sci-fi film crew scouting locations; eventually, the... More »

4 Stories