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Poll: World Likes US Again

'Obama effect' is real, say pollsters

(Newser) - How soon they forget. America has become a lot more popular around the world since President Obama took office, according to a BBC poll. The poll of 30,000 people in 28 countries found that positive views of the US now average 40%, up from a low of 28% in... More »

Obama Tells Young Turks to Look Past US 'Stereotypes'

Says America still stands for greater good

(Newser) - Barack Obama wrapped up his first foreign trip as president with a request of the world: Look past his nation's stereotypes and flaws. "You will find a partner and a friend in the United States of America," he declared today in a town hall meeting with Turkish students.... More »

Reports of US Decline Greatly Exaggerated

Crises of confidence, finance haven't dimmed great-power status

(Newser) - Don’t believe the “faddish declinism” of naysayers arguing that America’s best days are behind her, Robert Kagan writes in the Washington Post. Francis Fukuyama and his ilk praise Barack Obama’s “realism” in facing the “post-American world,” but in reality, Obama’s rhetoric remains... More »

A Black President Will Boost Brand USA

Electing Obama will replace America's battered image with one of equality

(Newser) - Skin color is no reason to vote for anybody, Nick Kristof writes in the New York Times, but there's no denying that electing a black president would give America's image abroad a much-needed boost—"redefining the American 'brand' to be less about Guantánamo and more about equality."... More »

Bill Would Polish US Image for Hill

Ex-prez would be promoter-in-chief abroad in wife's term

(Newser) - Bill Clinton plans to serve as a sort of diplomat-in-chief should his wife take up residence in the West Wing, he tells the Guardian in London, where he's on a fundraising jog and book-promotion tour. Hillary envisions a mission for him to "restore America's standing" after years of a... More »

5 Stories