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Obama to UN: US Can't Solve World's Problems

President to take blunt approach in first General Assembly address

(Newser) - Barack Obama told the UN today that the global community has too long been "defined by our differences and outpaced by our problems." He said he was aware of the high expectations for his presidency, and he acknowledged US failings, but said solving the world's problems is not... More »

6 Steps to Rebuild US Prestige

Bush's successor should make changes, but only some

(Newser) - As the Bush era comes to a close, many outside the United States are hoping that a new president will revive America's standing in the world. For Bronwen Maddox, America needs to do a better job winning support abroad, but not at the expense of its central values. "There... More »

US Weighs Direct Pakistan Strikes

But unilateral action could heighten tension between countries

(Newser) - Frustrated with what some see as unproductive new leadership in Pakistan and fearing a strengthening al-Qaeda, Pentagon officials are considering a unilateral mission to root out militants hiding in the country, the Los Angeles Times reports. The CIA has backed such a move for months, but some officials remain concerned... More »

Bush Doctrine Enabled Putin's Georgia War

Iraq action opened Pandora's box of unilateralism

(Newser) - President Bush's "howls of outrage" at Russia's unilateral action and calls for regime change in the Caucasus ring more than a little hollow to Juan Cole of Salon, who remembers all too well a similar situation not long ago. "Vladimir Putin's invoking Bush's Iraq adventure points directly to... More »

McCain: US Must Be Tough But Listen to Allies

He says America must do a better job with world diplomacy

(Newser) - John McCain insisted today in a foreign policy address that the US can't abandon its "moral responsibility in Iraq” but that it must do a better job of working with its allies on the world's trouble spots. He distanced himself at times from Bush, rejecting not only brash unilateralism... More »

Bill Would Polish US Image for Hill

Ex-prez would be promoter-in-chief abroad in wife's term

(Newser) - Bill Clinton plans to serve as a sort of diplomat-in-chief should his wife take up residence in the West Wing, he tells the Guardian in London, where he's on a fundraising jog and book-promotion tour. Hillary envisions a mission for him to "restore America's standing" after years of a... More »

6 Stories