Robert S. Bennett

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Senate Odd Couple Crafts Health Care Compromise

(Newser) - One is a 59-year-old liberal who used to advocate for senior citizens. The other is a 75-year-old conservative businessman. But together senators Ron Wyden of Oregon and Robert Bennett of Utah may have crafted a bipartisan health plan with legs, writes Gerald Seib of the Wall Street Journal. Their Healthy... More »

Wolfowitz Hires Clinton Lawyer

Bennett comes to neocon's aid as former World Bank staff call for resignation

(Newser) - Paul Wolfowitz has hired Robert Bennett, Bill Clinton's counsel during the Paula Jones affair, to guide the besieged World Bank president through his own budding scandal. Bennett immediately dismissed talk of Wolfie's resignation, even after dozens of former staffers placed an ad in the Financial Times calling on him to... More »

2 Stories