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Pharmacy Murder Suspect Begs Out of Jury Duty

And he made sure to write in and request permission

(Newser) - As jury duty excuses go, being in jail awaiting trial for quadruple homicide is pretty solid. David Laffer, the man accused of killing four people in a Long Island pharmacy last month, was supposed to show up for jury duty on June 24, the day after his arrest, the Wall ... More »

Sex Aids' Shelf Space, Sales Grow

Wal-Mart, other major chains aren't hiding lubricants and the like

(Newser) - Be careful letting your kids wander in Wal-Mart—the retail giant and other mainstream stores are devoting more shelf space to sex aids, Newsweek reports, and they aren’t hiding it. Lubricants, oils and even vibrators are increasingly appearing next to contraceptives and pregnancy tests. “Even the more conservative... More »

FDA Promises More Generics

Commits to reviewing applications faster

(Newser) - The FDA approved about a third more generic drugs in fiscal 2007 than the year prior, and pledged yesterday to speed its review process to accommodate yet more. Sales of generics, which average about one-third the cost of their brand-name counterparts, are up 22%—and one advocacy group says the... More »

3 Stories