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Celebs Likely to Fight Harder for Gay Marriage in 2010

Lessons learned from last year's Prop 8 fight will need to be applied

(Newser) - For those who believe Hollywood came too late to California’s “No on Prop 8” party during last year’s election, yesterday’s Supreme Court decision to uphold the voter-approved ban on gay marriage brings a question: Will Tinseltown get it right this time around? “I think the... More »

Hillary Is Boffo in Hollywood

After flirtation with Barack Obama, entertainment power brokers now back Clinton

(Newser) - After an early romance with Barack Obama, entertainment industry power brokers have largely switched their affection to Hillary Clinton, the Los Angeles Times reports, finding the former first lady more charming and personable than they had expected. Director Rob Reiner, who had been skeptical that Clinton could be elected, is... More »

2 Stories