Michael Clayton

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Oscars Pose a Threat to Good Movies

Small, 'self-involved' clique hands out the awards: NYT critic

(Newser) - Oscar night may seem like fun, but it has quietly turned the US market for serious films into a “brutal blood sport,” critic AO Scott writes in the New York Times. The highly commercial fare of January through August is followed by an “avalanche of art” after... More »

$32.1M Saw IV Slays Box Office

(Newser) - Saw VI axed the competition in the final weekend before Halloween by scaring up $32.1 million—falling short of Saw III’s debut weekend, but notching the highest opening of the fall season. Steve Carrell’s quirky dramedy, Dan in Real Life, took second with $12 million, Variety reports. More »

Stiller Feels Heartbreak as Flick Takes 2nd

Farrelly Brothers romp can't break Rock-solid The Game Plan

(Newser) - Ben Stiller stumbled with The Heartbreak Kid this weekend, a weak opening compared to his recent efforts. A mere $14 million return held it at 2nd behind a still-strong The Game Plan, which raked in $16.3 million in a moderate 29% drop. The Rock's vehicle has earned $42.8... More »

Clooney Wows in Sleek Clayton

Clooney wows critics in thoughtful corporate thriller

(Newser) - It might sound like a familiar corporate thriller—a court case, dark secrets, attacks of conscience—but Entertainment Weekly says Michael Clayton makes it all seem fresh, calling it “better than good.” It’s no Erin Brockovich, raves Slate, fading white and black hats to gray. And George... More »

4 Stories