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Cops Crack $1 Million Craigslist Drug Ring

Bought in California, sold in Brooklyn

(Newser) - The list of Craigslist crimes keeps growing. Police have now busted a $1million dollar drug ring operating through the site. The group allegedly shipped drugs like Vicodin and Adderall from California to Brooklyn where web-savvy wholesalers pawned the pharm off to neighborhood yuppies, reports the New York Daily News . The... More »

Hey, Gen-Xers, Housing Mess Is Your Fault

They borrowed too much to avoid fractured family of their youth

(Newser) - Stung by the divorces and TV dinners of their youth, Gen-Xers spent whatever it took to make a happy home for themselves and their kids—even when they couldn't afford it, writes Susan Gregory Thomas in Babble. OK, that may be "harsh and exaggerated," she notes. But from... More »

Chicago May Ban Pet Chickens

Owning poultry seen as green and trendy among some residents

(Newser) - Are chickens a city pet? Chicago’s city council is nearing a vote on a proposal to ban chicken ownership, even as green- and organic-minded citizens around the country increasingly keep the birds for eggs, yard work, and companionship. Among worries for Chicago politicians, the AP reports, are that chickens’... More »

Downtown LA Finally 'Happens'

Urbanites flock to new real estate hot spot

(Newser) - The clutter of buildings known as "downtown LA" is morphing from a nightly ghost town into a hip 'hood, the Washington Post reports. Recent laws have turned offices into lofts, and attracted hipsters to enjoy the high ceilings and roof parties. Artists are hightailing out as six-figure professionals come... More »

McCain Courts Yuppie Donors

With YP4McCain, the candidate targets younger supporters

(Newser) - John McCain, the man who wants to be the oldest president ever, is hoping his fundraisers can skew a bit younger. McCain 2008 is actively recruiting young professionals to gather cash from their  Blackberry-wielding friends, making up in enthusiasm what they lack in their bankbooks. More »

5 Stories