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Report: Trump Has Tried to Fire Mueller Twice Already

He ordered firing in anger at news report last year

(Newser) - President Trump tried to fire Robert Mueller in December, which is the second known time the president has attempted to get rid of the special counsel, according to the New York Times . which cites interviews with eight White House officials and other people close to Trump. The sources say Trump... More »

Report: Mueller Told Trump He Isn't a 'Criminal Target'

But that doesn't mean he's off the hook, analysts say

(Newser) - Robert Mueller has told President Trump's lawyers that he is only a "subject" of his investigation, not a criminal "target," insiders say. Sources tell the Washington Post that the special counsel told the attorneys that he still wants to interview Trump and he is preparing a... More »

Ex-Aide Insults Trump, Defies Mueller in Bizarre Interviews

CNN asked Sam Nunberg if he'd been drinking

(Newser) - "I think my lawyer is going to dump me," former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg told MSNBC during a bizarre series of media interviews Monday in which he dared special counsel Robert Mueller to arrest him, said he despises President Trump, and called White House press secretary Sarah... More »

Report: Lawyers Afraid Trump Would Lie in Mueller Interview

They've urged him to rebuff special counsel, sources say

(Newser) - President Trump has claimed he would "love to" be interviewed under oath by special counsel Robert Mueller and that he's "looking forward" to it. His lawyers, however, are worried that Trump will make false statements, potentially leading to a charge of lying to investigators, and have urged... More »

Report: Lawyer Refused Trump's Order to Fire Mueller

McGahn said he'd quit first, sources say

(Newser) - President Trump tried to fire the man overseeing the Russia investigation last year but backed off after the chief White House lawyer threatened to quit, the New York Times reports, citing four sources who "spoke on the condition of anonymity because they did not want to be identified discussing... More »

Trump Lawyers Reportedly Want 2nd Special Counsel

To investigate Robert Mueller's investigation, reports Axios

(Newser) - There's plenty of speculation in DC about whether President Trump might fire special counsel Robert Mueller. But Mike Allen of Axios reports on another strategy being explored by the president's legal team: Appoint a second special counsel to investigate Mueller's investigation. The story suggests that Trump's... More »

Veteran Ignored for 8 Years in Psych Facility

Scathing letter reveals VA gets 25% of government's whistleblower complaints

(Newser) - The VA's Office of the Medical Inspector routinely dismisses the agency's deficiencies as harmless to patients' health—even though that is patently and obviously untrue, according to a new report from the Office of Special Counsel that turned up a host of disturbing new allegations against the VA.... More »

VA Accused of Retaliating Against Whistleblowers

Meanwhile, Obama's pick for health undersecretary backs out

(Newser) - As if the cloud over the Department of Veterans Affairs wasn't dark enough, the Office of Special Counsel has now launched an investigation into allegations that it retaliated against 37 whistleblowers—including some that tried to bring the waiting list scandal to light, the Washington Post reports. Employees in... More »

DHS Workers Watch Netflix, Charge Overtime: Report

Dipping into 'candy bowl' cost department $8.7M a year

(Newser) - An Office of Special Counsel report has detailed a "profound and entrenched problem" at six Department of Homeland Security offices, where employees have been dipping into a "candy bowl" of unearned overtime money to boost their paychecks. The routine practice of claiming Administratively Uncontrollable Overtime—meant to compensate... More »

Dover Mortuary Punished Whistle-Blowers

Report tells Air Force to act, or else

(Newser) - Officials at the Dover Air Force Base, beset by accusations that they horrifically mistreated the nation's war dead, punished the whistle-blowers who brought those abuses to light, according to a new report from the Office of Special Counsel. The special counsel sent its 39-page report on the abuses to... More »

Bushies Illegally Billed Taxpayer for Political Trips

Office of Special Counsel finds widespread violations

(Newser) - A three-year Office of Special Counsel investigation has found that members of George W. Bush’s administration—including at least seven Cabinet secretaries—campaigned on the taxpayer dime. In the run-up to the 2006 elections, Cabinet members took many politically motivated trips, falsely claiming they were on official business, investigators... More »

FBI Seizes Docs From Federal Watchdog

Obstruction issues may be behind raid on Office of Special Counsel

(Newser) - FBI agents raided the Office of Special Counsel today, serving subpoenas and seizing documents from agency chief Scott Bloch. Bloch, whose office protects federal whistleblowers, is being investigated for obstructing justice, the Wall Street Journal reports, with Bloch's use of an outside service to erase office computers being viewed as... More »

Geeks Bring Trouble for Rove Sleuth

Fed investigator now probed himself for wiping computers

(Newser) - Using Geeks on Call to scrub his computer could come back to haunt the man investigating Karl Rove for improper partisan activities, the Wall Street Journal reports. Scott Bloch—head of a federal office charged with protecting whistleblowers and keeping employees from using government for partisan activities—ordered an extreme... More »

Federal Probe Targets Rove, WH Operations

Obscure office led by Bush appointee launches investigation

(Newser) - The U.S. attorney firings, disappearing e-mails, and other White House political operations have found their way onto the radar of a small office that normally investigates federal employees' misbehavior. Karl Rove is in the sights of the Office of Special Counsel, whose head has vowed not to "leave... More »

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