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Microsoft Recovers Nearly All Lost Sidekick Data

Meltdown not as bad as feared; minority of users affected

(Newser) - It turns out Sidekick users will get “most if not all” of their data back, Microsoft announced today. The company now believes that only a minority of users were affected by the blackout. Until now, the company had painted a much bleaker picture, saying Saturday that though it would... More »

Sidekick Users Revolt Over Mass Data Loss

Forums crowded with angry users; some threaten lawsuit

(Newser) - Sidekick users are on the warpath after learning Microsoft and its subsidiary, the ironically named Danger Inc., have lost all their data, permanently, in a server crash. T-Mobile offered to credit users a free month of data service, but that didn’t mollify the people on T-Mobile’s support forums,... More »

10 Ways to Replace Overhyped Gizmos

Tech experts list top overrated, underrated products

(Newser) - You can replace your most over-hyped devices with the tech world's top 10 wallflowers, compiled by PC World. Start with the iPhone:
  1. Stop stubbing your fingers on Apple's impractical keyboard interface. Sidekick offers the best QWERTY around.
  2. Nintendo Wii is hard to find and offers few good games. Sony PlayStation
... More »

Microsoft Will Buy Maker of Sidekick

After Yahoo! rebuff, Redmond giant scoops up Danger

(Newser) - Microsoft is poised to buy Danger, the maker of the T-Mobile Sidekick, in a move that follows on the heels of Yahoo's rebuff of the software behemoth's $44 billion buyout offer. Microsoft hasn't said how much it's forking over, but called Danger the "perfect complement to our existing software... More »

Get the Best Gadgets of 2007

These top-shelf items will make excellent additions to the pile under the Christmas tree

(Newser) - Popular Science combed through the year's new tech products to find the top 200 items worth your holiday dollar. Selections include a wetsuit from Patagonia made of environmentally friendly merino wool, recycled polyester, and Japanese neoprene. Also on the list is a travel-friendly guitar from Black Bird that weights just... More »

Apple to Firms: It's OK to Write iPhone Software

After update uproar, specific developers may get access to platform

(Newser) - Having roused the ire of iPhone third-party software developers and users when its software update 1.1.1 permanently deactivated modified handsets, Apple is now corralling a groups of developers under strict confidentiality who may be given free reign to develop native apps for the iPhone, Fortune reports. More »

6 Stories