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Not-So-Sporty Spice Sprains Ankle at Show

Baby (mis)step leads to cancellation of BBC performance

(Newser) - Emma Bunton sprained her ankle when she took a spill during the Las Vegas leg of the Spice Girls' world tour, and the group has bowed out of a TV performance scheduled to air Sunday. "I'm seeing David Beckham's doctor, so I'm praying I'll be fine," Baby Spice... More »

BBC Exec Resigns Over 'Crowngate'

Probe finds that doc distorted footage of her highness

(Newser) - A BBC chief resigned yesterday over footage of the Queen allegedly storming out of a photo session, the Los Angeles Times reports. A probe found that she never stalked out; another clip of her was spliced into the BBC doc. An ex-exec who led the "Crowngate" probe said the... More »

2 Stories