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S. Korean Parliament Brawls Over Media Bill

(Newser) - Parliamentary debate over the relaxation of media ownership rules in South Korea descended into fisticuffs today, AFP reports. After negotiations stalled, the ruling conservative Grand National Party moved to vote on the reform, which will allow newspapers to own a greater stake of television media. In response, MPs of the... More »

S. Korean Lawmakers Brawl Over Trade Bill

(Newser) - A melee erupted in South Korea’s parliament today as opposition MPs attempted to break into a closed committee chamber, the BBC reports. Members of the ruling party had barricaded the door as they began the process of ratifying a controversial free trade agreement with the US. Opposition lawmakers used... More »

Regional Voting in Doubt in Iraqi Impasse

Parliament adjourns before compromise on provincial law reached

(Newser) - Iraq’s parliament failed to pass a law on provincial elections before its summer recess, jeopardizing the possibility of elections later this year, the New York Times reports. A consensus was seen as necessary for political unity among Iraq’s fractious political blocs, with President Bush even contacting legislators to... More »

In Public Chat, Putin Dodges Big Question

YouTube-style scripted 'dialogue' sheds no light on prez's next move

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin held his sixth and final “dialogue” with the Russian people today, but the departing president revealed few clues about how he might maintain power after leaving office. The 3-hour YouTube-debate-style discussion saw Putin respond—from scripted text, some said—to ordinary citizens, but he didn't elaborate on... More »

Brown Under Fire for U-Turn on Elections

PM ditched snap vote when it looked like Labour would lose

(Newser) - Gordon Brown has a new nickname: “bottler,” British slang for someone who’s lost their nerve at the last minute. He's facing heavy criticism for the unpopular decision not to hold a snap general election this autumn after learning that his Labor party lags 6 points behind the... More »

5 Stories