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Russia Orders Retrial in Journalist's Murder

Supreme Court throws out acquittals in Politkovskaya case

(Newser) - Russia's Supreme Court has overturned the acquittals of three men in the murder of crusading journalist Anna Politkovskaya, and ordered a retrial, reports the BBC. Prosecutors claimed that judicial irregularities and misinformation led to an improper verdict, and Politkovskaya's newspaper colleagues have accused the police of shoddy work. Despite international... More »

4 Acquitted in Russian Journalist's Murder

Politkovskaya's killer remains at large after shambolic trial

(Newser) - Four men were acquitted today on charges related to the murder of Anna Politkovskaya, a prominent Russian journalist shot dead in 2006. Two Chechen brothers and a former Moscow policeman were found not guilty of offering operational support to her killer, and a Russian spy was cleared in a related... More »

Want to Own a Newspaper? Got $1.50?

Russian oligarch buying iconic London paper for token sum

(Newser) - A Russian oligarch with a past in the KGB is set to buy one of London's most visible newspapers, at the knockdown price of just a buck and a half. Alexander Lebedev will acquire the Evening Standard for the token price—the cost of two copies—from a media conglomerate... More »

Paper Hunts Journalist's Killers

Nine in custody, gunman still on the run

(Newser) - Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta and Russian prosecutors know the identity of the assassin who gunned down journalist and outspoken Kremlin critic Anna Politkovskaya, whose murder caused international outrage a year ago. Since her death nine people have been arrested, but the gunman and the person who ordered the killing remain... More »

4 Stories