Mario Capecchi

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Multiple Adult Stem Cells May Make Treatment Trickier

Researchers find different types in organs, complicating search for therapeutic cells

(Newser) - There is probably more than one type of adult stem cell in the intestines and other organs, a University of Utah researcher finds—which means therapies based on the cells could be more complicated than expected. Scientists had hoped a single stem cell could fix damage to an entire organ,... More »

Nobel Prize Goes to Stem Cell Trio

Medicine award recognizes US, British pioneers in gene targeting in mice

(Newser) - The Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded today to three stem-cell researchers who developed techniques for manipulating genes in mice. Mario R. Capecchi,  Martin J. Evans and Oliver Smithies  pioneered a process called gene targeting that allows specific genes to be turned on or off. This in turn allows... More »

2 Stories