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Swiss Vote to Expel Foreign Criminals

53% vote in favor of referendum

(Newser) - The Swiss have voted narrowly in favor of automatically deporting foreign nationals guilty of crimes including murder, drug dealing, and social security fraud. Around 53% of voters backed the referendum, instigated by the right-wing Swiss People's Party, which proposed expelling foreign criminals after they had served their sentences in Swiss... More »

Minaret Ban Shoves Swiss Hard to the Right

Surprise vote shows anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim sentiment on the rise

(Newser) - The right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP) got a surprising shot in the arm with Sunday’s vote to ban minarets in the country. Though it’s been growing rapidly since its 1980s inception, the SVP has had little success in referenda until now, with critics accusing it of racism... More »

Swiss Projected to Approve Minaret Ban

Nationalist measure reflects rising anti-Muslim sentiment

(Newser) - Swiss voters approved a move to ban the construction of minarets in a vote today on a right-wing initiative that labeled the mosque towers as symbols of militant Islam, early projections showed. The Swiss looked to have swung from only 37% supporting the proposal a week ago to 59% in... More »

Swiss to Vote on Minaret Ban

Referendum this month sparks fear of Muslim backlash

(Newser) - Swiss government and business leaders are having a panic attack over a referendum that would ban minarets on mosques—and, they fear, make the country a target for Islamic terrorism. The handiwork of the anti-immigrant Swiss People's Party, infamous for an earlier campaign poster showing a white sheep kicking a... More »

Swiss in Turmoil as Power Sharing Collapses

Rift after 50 years of consensus rule

(Newser) - After 49 years, Switzerland’s cozy form of consensus government collapsed today, when the right-wing People’s Party went into opposition, angered by the ejection of one of its members from the cabinet. “You have forced us to go into opposition, destroyed our treasured system of government and sacrificed... More »

Swiss MPs Eject Populist Leader

Surprise move blocks Blocher from cabinet post

(Newser) - Cristoph Blocher, the controversial head of Switzerland's People's Party, has been ejected from cabinet in an unexpected move that could end 50 years of consensus politics. The populist leader was slated for reelection as justice minister, Bloomberg reports, but a surprise deal by the three other parties voted in another... More »

New Swiss Ad: Come Here and Suffer

Xenophobic TV spots airing in Africa portray destitute immigrants

(Newser) - While most countries promote tourism or business opportunities, new Swiss TV spots airing in Nigeria and Cameroon make the nation look blatantly unfriendly, writes the Independent. The ads roll up the red carpet by depicting a destitute African immigrant begging, being chased by police, living under a bridge, and calling... More »

Far-Right Wins in Swiss Election Create Tension

First black MP elected amid sweeping anti-immigrant victory

(Newser) - Swiss voters delivered a new parliament on Sunday, giving the right-wing Swiss People's Party a consolidated grip on power. But they also gave a seat to the country's first black MP, who told the Times of London that he is fearful of the xenophobia that characterized the recent election, despite... More »

Swiss Rioters Blitz Rightist Rally

Anti-foreigner stance incites violence

(Newser) - Bern was beset by rioters aiming to thwart a pre-election rally by the rightist Swiss People’s Party, expected to dominate this month's elections with its xenophobic platform. Masked protesters threw bricks and gas bombs and outwitted police by operating in small groups and destroying the party stage. The mayor... More »

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