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'News Games' Spark Hits and Heat Online

(Newser) - Readers who find Newser too challenging can rest their brains with online games that play out major news events. Often linked via social networking sites, millions of Web surfers are killing pig-like viruses, tossing shoes at President Bush, or landing a plane in the Hudson River in popular Flash games.... More »

Bush Shoe Toss Goes Viral

Infamous Iraq shoe dodge spawns online games

(Newser) - President Bush's shoe-dodging Iraq press conference has the internet's legions of animators kicking up their heels, Wired reports. Dozens of games—including one called "Sock and Awe"—were rapidly created after the incident, allowing players to be a shoe-ducking president, a shoe-chucking journalist, or a shoe-shooting Secret Service... More »

Inconceivable! Princess Bride Game a Treat

It takes just a few hours to beat, but it's good fun

(Newser) - Despite short gameplay and a $20 price tag, the Princess Bride PC game "delivers the goods" for fans, writes Matt Peckham in Variety. A light-hearted Flash adaptation, it remains faithful to the beloved 1987 swashbuckling spoof, even casting many original actors to voice their iconic roles. The game "... More »

MySpace Jumps Into Games Fray

(Newser) - There are tens of thousands of people in your extended network, and they might be playing Gem Quest come January. MySpace plans to host hundreds of easy-to-learn online games to, as one company VP put it, “enhance the fun factor”—and grab a slice of the game industry’... More »

5 Flash Games to Ease You Into the Workweek

Free online offerings get better at helping you waste time

(Newser) - Flash games aren’t just Tetris rip-offs anymore. Online freebies are more innovative and ambitious than ever, GigaOM says, and they include these five must-play distractions:
  • Grow Cube: A quirky, imaginative puzzler that forces you to think ahead and rewards you with nice animations.
  • Warbears: Lead a crack squad of
... More »

5 Stories