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Zombie Game Hits Tea Party, Fox Hosts

Free shooter lets you blast away at top Fox commentators

(Newser) - It's zombie-killing fun for the whole family—well, the whole liberal family, assuming they approve of guns and killing. Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Fox News, and the Koch Brothers are just some of the big-name conservative zombies you must confront in Tea Party Zombies Must Die , a free... More »

How CityVille Sucked In a Hardcore Gamer

Online game's accessibility and simplicity turns busy man into addict

(Newser) - The online city-planning game CityVille is meant for “casual gamers,” and there are plenty of them: 92 million active monthly users, to be exact. But such simple gameplay and basic graphics would turn off any sophisticated player, right? Wrong—as JP Mangalindan, writing in Fortune , found out. A... More »

Average Social Gamer: 43-Year-Old Woman

Forget those old stereotypes of teens in the basement

(Newser) - Next time someone complains about how much time kids these days waste playing online games, bust out the results of this study: the average player is a 43-year-old woman. And they play a lot. The exploding popularity on Facebook and other sites of titles such as Farmville, Mafia Wars, and... More »

'News Games' Spark Hits and Heat Online

(Newser) - Readers who find Newser too challenging can rest their brains with online games that play out major news events. Often linked via social networking sites, millions of Web surfers are killing pig-like viruses, tossing shoes at President Bush, or landing a plane in the Hudson River in popular Flash games.... More »

Forbidden City Opens Its Doors—to Virtual Eunuchs

Second Life-style game allows tourists to enter Chinese palace complex

(Newser) - It's now possible to visit one of Beijing's premier tourist sights without having to worry about bad air quality or hard-to-get visas, Reuters reports. A new computer game allows users to experience the Qing emperor's Forbidden City complex as member of his court, embodying any character from soldier to eunuch—... More »

War Game Takes Colleges by Storm

CoCrossCampus blends online play with real life interaction

(Newser) - Somewhere, Harvard is plotting an assault on Yale, while Cornell forges an alliance with Princeton. Such mass maneuvers are routine in GoCrossCampus, a Risk-like online war game in which teams of hundreds of players move armies across virtual versions of real campus locations. But it’s the real-world interaction, as... More »

TV Nets Hope Games Will Hook Viewers

CBS multimedia contest offered clues online and off

(Newser) - TV networks are using scavenger hunt-style games to attract viewers to their shows. Hundreds of players searched for clues online and offline, including on billboards in San Francisco and Minnesota, to crack a game linked to the CBS show "Numb3rs" last month. The network plans to promote more shows... More »

MySpace Jumps Into Games Fray

(Newser) - There are tens of thousands of people in your extended network, and they might be playing Gem Quest come January. MySpace plans to host hundreds of easy-to-learn online games to, as one company VP put it, “enhance the fun factor”—and grab a slice of the game industry’... More »

5 Flash Games to Ease You Into the Workweek

Free online offerings get better at helping you waste time

(Newser) - Flash games aren’t just Tetris rip-offs anymore. Online freebies are more innovative and ambitious than ever, GigaOM says, and they include these five must-play distractions:
  • Grow Cube: A quirky, imaginative puzzler that forces you to think ahead and rewards you with nice animations.
  • Warbears: Lead a crack squad of
... More »

9 Stories