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Sudan Rebels Holding 29 Chinese

China reportedly building roads in dangerous southern Sudan

(Newser) - At least 29 Chinese citizens are being held by Sudanese militants after a battle with Sudan's army at a road-construction project in a remote and volatile region of the country yesterday, reports the AP . The rebels tell MSNBC that they're holding the Chinese "for their own safety... More »

New Sudan Fighting Kills More Than 100

Clashes break out after vote on independence

(Newser) - The Sudanese ceasefire has been broken, with more than 100 people killed in a series of clashes between the Sudanese army and rebels, al-Jazeera reports. The military says fighters loyal to rebel leader George Athor attacked an army base in Jonglei earlier this week, setting off the violence. In the... More »

Sudanese Rebels Fight for Control of Capital

Sudan says claims victory in rare Khartoum battle

(Newser) - Darfur rebels battled Sudanese soldiers today in a rare bid for control of Sudan's capital, Reuters reports. The military later claimed victory and said just a few militants had reached Khartoum. "Thank God this attempt has been completely defeated," a government spokesman said. More »

Darfur Sees New Cycle of Bloodshed, Refugees

Recent upset in Chad has Sudanese military, janjaweed militias on warpath

(Newser) - Darfur may be on a road back to the pitched fighting between rebels, militias and the Sudanese army that killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions 5 years ago, prompting the US to call it genocide, the New York Times reports. The Sudanese government recently stepped up operations in the... More »

Sudan Declares Truce at Darfur Peace Talks

But two top factions aren't there, and a third has doubts

(Newser) - Sudan declared a ceasefire at Darfur peace talks today, but two top factions weren't there to hear it, and one other met the pledge with suspicion. “The government has said several times since 2004 that they observed a ceasefire,” said one rebel leader. “We have our doubts.... More »

Sudan to Call Darfur Ceasefire Ahead of Talks

Government to meet rebels this weekend; peace prospects dim

(Newser) - Sudan will declare yet another ceasefire in Darfur this weekend, the Guardian reports, as the government sits down with the region’s rebel factions to try to hammer out a peace accord. Government officials called it a “confidence-building measure” designed to “give negotiators a chance to get out... More »

Sudan Strike Breaks Treaty

Army attack on town may signal wider blitz; 'serious risk of going beyond Darfur'

(Newser) - Sudan's military struck a Darfur village today, torching half of it and casting October peace talks into crisis. The attack also hit the sole Sudanese Liberation Army faction to sign a truce in 2006. "If they really wanted peace and negotiations they would not be attacking our areas,"... More »

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