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Holder: State AGs Needn't Defend Bans on Gay Marriage

Attorney general: It's up to them to 'make that determination'

(Newser) - As attorney general Eric Holder pushes for marriage equality, he's taking a controversial stance on the duties of his state counterparts: They don't need to defend laws they believe violate key constitutional values, he tells the New York Times . They shouldn't make their decisions based on politics,... More »

Town Stunned by Massacre

Rebuffed deputy kills five, dies in stand-off

(Newser) - As more details emerged in the massacre at a Crandon, Wis., homecoming party Sunday morning, grieving residents are asking how a young sheriff's deputy who murdered his ex-girlfriend and five others with his SWAT-team rifle could have become a police officer without psychological testing. None is required in Wisconsin, reports... More »

2 Stories