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Romney's Bain Had Loads of Profit, Bankruptcies

Wall Street Journal says Romney's firm didn't always turn things around

(Newser) - Mitt Romney has touted his time at Bain Capital as proof that he's the "turnaround artist" America needs, but an analysis of the companies he took over shows that may not be entirely true. The Wall Street Journal looked at 77 businesses Bain invested in under Romney's... More »

Simmons Bankruptcy: Study in Private Equity Run Amok

Buyout firms profited as mattress maker saw its debt skyrocket

(Newser) - The mattress company Simmons will be filing for bankruptcy protection soon, wiping out bondholders and jeopardizing more jobs at a company that's already fired a quarter of its work force. While Simmons watched its debts balloon nearly tenfold since 1991, a string of private equity firms bought and sold the... More »

Fed Loosens Reins on Private Funds Buying Into Banks

But some worry risky loans will result

(Newser) - The Fed has loosened the rules that curtailed private investments in banks, the Wall Street Journal reports. The move may inject more cash into the financial system—if private equity chooses to invest—but will raise fears of profit-hungry investors snapping up stakes in banks to make quick cash with... More »

US Equity Firms Face Local Competition

Growing worldwide wealth means buyouts are anybody's game

(Newser) - Increasing wealth worldwide will breed competitors for US private equity funds accustomed to being the only players in the lucrative buyout market, the Financial Times reports. “It is not preordained that the US will dominate private equity globally,” said the founder of one such firm, adding that governments... More »

Blackstone Pushes to Delay Tax Increase Bill

If measure won't die, buyout giant wants 10-year grace period

(Newser) - If Blackstone and other buyout firms can't kill a proposed bill that would increase their taxes, they'll try for a 10-year delay in enacting it. Under pressure from lobbyists, lawmakers are discussing doubling the proposed 5-year grace period, Bloomberg reports. The legislation, introduced before Blackstone went public in June, has... More »

Congress Drops Tax Hike for Private Equity

Superwealthy investors will get to keep tax breaks they now enjoy

(Newser) - A proposed tax hike on some of America's wealthiest investors isn't likely to happen this year, as Senate Democrats say they're shelving a bill that would have eliminated the special tax rate enjoyed by private-equity managers. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says a crowded legislative calendar makes considering the bill—... More »

6 Stories