transient ischemic strokes

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Genes Reveal Elevated Risk of Stroke

Variations found in millions of people may help drugs find targets

(Newser) - Two genetic variations that increase the risk of stroke are present in an unexpectedly large proportion of the population, Reuters reports. Scientists analyzed the genomes of over 19,000 people, looking for single-letter changes in DNA in those who had experienced ischemic strokes. The two variations they identified, located near... More »

Strokes Could Be Cut 80%

Swift treatment of mini-strokes reduces major attacks, study finds

(Newser) - Patients treated within 24 hours for mini-strokes cut their chances of having a subsequent major stroke by 80%, according to new research that could change the way stroke victims are handled by the medical community. Mini-strokes are often not treated as emergencies in the US and Europe, though the new... More »

2 Stories