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Silver Screen's Ray Guns Become Battlefield Reality

Ground troops testing laser weapons, tagged for missile-defense systems, too

(Newser) - Ray guns aren't just for Flash Gordon anymore, the Economist reports. The US military and defense contractors are experimenting with “directed energy” weapons systems on the battlefield and in labs, most of which help troops zap unexploded bombs and incoming fire. One model, the Zeus, is designed to more... More »

Ray Gun Eyed for Riot Control

Weapon focuses painful microwave beam on skin, but doesn't kill

(Newser) - The US is eyeing a new weapon said to produce "waves of agony" for its potential in riot control and combat situations, reports Information Week. Raytheon's Silent Guardian aims a highly concentrated beam of millimeter waves, heating water just under the skin in a manner that creates a burning... More »

2 Stories