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Facing 5 Men, Cop Refuses to Draw His Gun

'We got to use all of the resources before going to deadly physical force'

(Newser) - A New York City police officer who fended off five men with a baton and a couple of kicks says pulling a gun should be a last resort. "Life is precious ... There are other tools that we've been given, other tactics that we've been shown, and we... More »

This Could Be US Military's Next Wild Weapon

Lasers that can mimic human voices and be projected miles away

(Newser) - The Pentagon is working on a funky new weapon that is, in the words of the estimable Popular Mechanics , "profoundly weird." In short, military scientists aim to use lasers to create what sound like human voices that could be projected afar. These "voices" could then be used... More »

Cops Sued for Killing Guy, 95, With Bean Bag Gun

Police claimed he was belligerent; family says he couldn't have posed threat

(Newser) - When 95-year-old John Wrana refused to go to the hospital last year for medical treatment, cops in suburban Chicago shot him with "five rounds of bean bag cartridges from a 12 gauge shotgun within a distance of approximately only six to eight feet," according to a lawsuit filed... More »

Cops Kill 95-Year-Old With Bean-Bag Gun

...Because he refused to get medical help

(Newser) - When a 95-year-old at a Chicago senior living community refused medical treatment, police were called in—and wound up killing the man with a bean-bag gun, the Chicago Tribune reports. Officers were called in Friday night to help a private ambulance crew deal with a "combative" resident being "... More »

Army Puts Out Call for 'Magic' Hovering Bullet

...bullet would be non-lethal

(Newser) - The Pentagon certainly has imagination when it comes to making up dream weapons. It's put out a new list of weapons small businesses should try to design for it, and one of them is a "Nonlethal Warhead of Miniature Organic Precision Munitions," or what Wired describes as,... More »

Meet the Police's New 'Sound Canons'

Controversial LRAD can cause 'extreme pain,' hearing loss

(Newser) - Last week's police busts on Occupy camps around the United States saw one of the highest-profile deployments yet of high-tech crowd control: sound cannons, reports the Week . Designed to keep birds out of the way of planes at airports, the "long range acoustic device," or LRAD for... More »

New Way to Fight Pirates: With a Laser

Weapon emits harmless but effective green light

(Newser) - Somali pirates, beware: British scientists are developing a laser that works by confusing would-be attackers from more than a mile away, the Daily Mail reports. The laser hides the ship in a veil of green light, preventing pirates from easily steering toward or aiming at their victims. “We are... More »

Fla. Man Dead After Deputies Tase Him

Paramedics refuse to help after ex-con is zapped

(Newser) - A Florida man died yesterday after Broward County deputies Tased him for being "naked and belligerent" in public, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports. Paramedics said James Garland, 41, was too violent to treat after being zapped, so deputies drove him to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Family... More »

Ray Gun Eyed for Riot Control

Weapon focuses painful microwave beam on skin, but doesn't kill

(Newser) - The US is eyeing a new weapon said to produce "waves of agony" for its potential in riot control and combat situations, reports Information Week. Raytheon's Silent Guardian aims a highly concentrated beam of millimeter waves, heating water just under the skin in a manner that creates a burning... More »

9 Stories