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Bachelor Finale Perpetuates a 'Toxic Myth'

Li Zhou says Colton Underwood pursuing Cassie Randolph after she dumped him is 'troubling'

(Newser) - While most of this season's finale of The Bachelor seemed hyperfocused on whether contender Colton Underwood lost his virginity, Li Zhou is now homing in on what was supposed to be the feel-good ending to the ABC reality show: Underwood dumping two remaining women and instead pursuing Cassie Randolph,... More »

As Men Ditch Their Gillettes, the Company Responds

'We weren’t trying to court controversy,' says company exec of new ad

(Newser) - A new Gillette ad has provoked a huge reaction on social media, but perhaps not precisely in the way parent company Procter & Gamble anticipated. As NPR notes, the ad accusing men of boorish behavior and urging them to end it has roughly twice as many dislikes as likes on... More »

Psychologists Warn About 'Traditional Masculinity'

APA report says old-school traits could be wreaking havoc on male mental, physical health

(Newser) - There's an ideology out there affecting boys and men, and the American Psychological Association says it's "harmful." The Los Angeles Times reports on the APA's first official warning on the toxicity of "traditional masculinity," which "has been shown to limit males' psychological... More »

Course Teaches Men to Avoid Sex-Trade Trap

Innovative program in Washington state aims to break stereotypes, the patriarchy

(Newser) - Ask a guy why he commissions a prostitute and he may come up with a variety of answers, or even a shrug and an "I'm not sure." But in King County, Wash., men who’ve been busted trying to pay for sex—many with girls they believed... More »

China Is Now Teaching Its 'Effeminate' Boys to Man Up

New textbook 'Little Men' is being introduced in middle schools

(Newser) - China is apparently concerned that its boys are becoming too effeminate. The country's solution: a masculinity-promoting school textbook called Little Men, aimed for use in grades 4 and 5. The illustrated book talks about fathers and sons, and it encourages boys to stress their masculine side, with money management... More »

Study Links Manliness to Depression in Men

Conforming to certain masculine norms plays out negatively in many men

(Newser) - Being sexist results in a double whammy on men's mental health, new research suggests. When men strongly conform to social masculine norms, they're more likely to suffer from ailments such as depression—and the more they cling to these norms, the less likely they are to seek help... More »

Men Think Going Green Will Make Them Wimps

But researchers say the right marketing can sway them

(Newser) - A business professor recently set out to learn what is driving one longstanding gender gap. Women tend to be more environmentally conscious than men on all kinds of levels, from energy use to concern about climate change, reports the Washington Post . So Notre Dame business professor James Wilkie conducted seven... More »

How Men React When You Question Their Manhood

Study finds men will lie about their height, past relationships, and more

(Newser) - News flash: Men will lie to appear more masculine when their masculinity is called into question. So report researchers at the University of Washington in a study published last week in the journal Social Psychology . Men who were led to believe they fall short of the ideals of manliness (e.... More »

Ladies, Meet the Lumbersexual

He's the answer to the metrosexual and the latest thing in men's fashion

(Newser) - He's unshaven, a little dirty, and dresses like a woodsman. No, he's not a slob, he's … sexy? This guy—think Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor, Nick Offerman, or Chuck Norris—is a lumbersexual, apparently. And just what is that? He's the opposite of the... More »

Macho Men Have So-So Sperm

Tradeoff between looks and virility might be at play, says study

(Newser) - Macho guys may attract more women, but the quality of their sperm might not be of he-man standards, a new study suggests. Oddly, the sperm of good-looking guys—but not necessarily macho ones with square jaws and distinct cheekbones—is just fine, reports Medical Daily . The link was found when... More »

Skinny Jeans Are Ruining Our Men

The 'over-feminization' of America is destroying masculinity

(Newser) - “Real men don’t wear skinny jeans.” They also don’t wear V-necks, “accessorized scarves,” or the colors pink and purple, and the very thought of male waxing makes them “nauseous.” All this according to Jane Gilvary, who bemoans the death of the manly... More »

Men Avoid 'Girlie' Foods, Go for 'Guy' Meals

Study suggests that society drives home differences early

(Newser) - Yeah, yeah: Real men don't eat quiche. Now, new research from Northwestern University shows men really do shun foods perceived to be "girlie." Researchers gave male and female diners choices including tried-and-true guy grub—like heavy gravy and then options with a more female-friendly flare (say, white wine... More »

'Cuddle Spray' Makes Men Girly

Hormone induces emotion, empathy

(Newser) - Watch out macho men: German researchers have found a way to make males more sensitive. A hormone-laced potion called "cuddle spray" shot into men's noses can make males more emotional, empathetic and snugly. The active ingredient is oxytocin, a so-called "trust hormone" that is released during orgasm and... More »

Murdoch Uses Sulzberger Image for 'Girly Man' Story

Feud between Journal and Times getting nasty

(Newser) - Rupert Murdoch uses his Wall Street Journal today to tweak rival publisher Arthur Sulzberger of the New York Times. In a collage of photos illustrating a story on feminine-looking men, a familiar image shows up. "There is, in the bottom image of the lower quadrant of a male face,... More »

Meet the 'Hegans': Middle-Aged Male Vegans

They used to 'eat American,' but no more

(Newser) - Introducing "hegans." The term, courtesy of the Boston Globe , refers to middle-aged men who eat only vegetables, often eschewing animal products to the point of veganism. They don't match the cultural mainstream of veganism—in their 40s and 50s, they're disinclined to proselytize, and espouse little of vegetarianism's... More »

Kathryn Bigelow: 'Transvestite of Directors'

Hurt Locker director plays it like a man to fit in in macho Hollywood

(Newser) - Kathryn Bigelow may be a female director, Martha P. Nochimson writes, but her success comes from “masquerading as the baddest boy on the block.” Yup, the Hurt Locker auteur is not the “Queen of Directors,” as Quentin Tarantino described her, but the “Transvestite of Directors.... More »

RIP: Obits for Our Culture

(Newser) - Dying is a bit of a buzzkill, but all things must come to an end. AJ Jacobs of Esquire  writes obituaries for music, his manhood, and various other cultural remnants:
  • Romantic Comedy, age 81: On life support long ago—finally dead after someone pitched Kate Hudson a film about a
... More »

Ladies First in Shaping Obama

Obama's "modern masculinity" won over Hillary supporters

(Newser) - If behind every strong man is a strong woman, then Barack Obama has a veritable female army at his back, Janice Turner writes in the Times of London. But despite the powerful feminine influence in his life, one of his primary challenges was to win Hillary supporters, who saw him... More »

Volatile Market Hooked on Testosterone

Study pinpoints role of bullish hormone in boorish traders

(Newser) - The buying and selling of the world's wealth is at the mercy of aggressive men and their hormonal fluctuations, neuroscientists have discovered. While that doesn't come as a big surprise, the study isolates the major role that testosterone plays in making boorish traders exceptionally bullish—and the part the hormone... More »

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