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Weak iPad Password May Have Saved Woman's Life

'Tech geek' cop guessed it, allowing him to track Melissa Vasquez's iPhone

(Newser) - A California woman can credit her iPhone and a police force's "tech geek" with saving her life after a car crash left her stuck hundreds of feet down a ravine. Though OnStar alerted police that Melissa Vasquez's car was involved in a rollover accident Monday afternoon, the... More »

Things Your iPhone Can Control Remotely

TV and DVR, yes, but also your desktop

(Newser) - So you can’t yet, say, drive your car via iPhone, but we’re getting close. Silicon Alley Insider takes a look at a bunch of things Apple’s gizmo can control remotely:
  • TV: A $50 attachment turns the phone into a universal remote.
  • DVR: With Comcast, AT&T, DirecTV
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Analog Shutdown Strands OnStar Users

Network shutdown leaves drivers in the lurch

(Newser) - Users of the OnStar vehicle safety and communications system will be among those left in the lurch when analog cellphone systems are mothballed next year, AP reports. The government decided in 2002 to let carriers call time on the old cellular networks, but GM was still rolling out some cars... More »

GM Puts Brakes on Stolen Cars

New technology for halting stolen cars

(Newser) - GM's OnStar service could soon reduce dangerous police pursuits, AP reports, by allowing police who spot stolen cars to ask operators to send a signal that slows the car to a halt. "This technology will basically remove the control of the horsepower from the thief," said OnStar's president.... More »

4 Stories